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Adi and Praja

Chapter 6

Issue 24: Passion

And then we naturally become friends. We both will know of our self and of each other what we did wrong (that means, that which caused suffering) and what was right from the beginning. I think sooner or later everyone will believe it first, and then know it for sure because the heart of what I think and write down is true. There is nothing in the universe other than what is true.


(Passion )

Now Adi looked at the creatures of whom he had decided to wake up a mind. As soon as they would have a mind they would start using it. And because they had been animals for millions of years they were used to do whatever they liked: that is to enjoy, to eat, to have sex, to fight, to compete and sometimes be afraid of each other, and to gain power over each other by developing strong muscles and weapons. No doubt, as soon as such creatures would have a mind they would use it to enjoy more and to have more pleasure: they would try to eat more enjoyable things by mixing different things of nature, to cook them, and to write cook-books.Some would want to eat others, so they would invent weapons to kill each other or kill animals. They would want more and better sex, so they would spend a lot of their time thinking and fancying about that, much more often than is necessary to get children. They would even continue to fancy about all sorts of sex-life when they had enough children or did not want children, and then they would become much sexier than animals. The risk was that they would become more dangerous and cruel and evil than even the cruelest and dirtiest of all animals. But eating and sex are necessary, otherwise you die, or after we ourselves die there is nobody left, and there would be no more bodies for other hearts to live on the Earth. That Adi knew also – that is why we have hunger and sex feelings. But all the time they would spend more thoughts and feelings about food and sex than is needed, and about having more things and money and power, and more power than others, they would spoil their energy to reach happiness and, as a result, reach unhappiness. Desire would turn into passion. They would get dull and forget their heart and get caught in their pleasures so that they could no longer recognize their own heart and the heart of all other beings. Therefore they would become cruel and selfish and cunning, and very unhappy. Perhaps they would not even want to live anymore, because they would have forgotten what happiness was. All these things Adi would like to prevent as much as possible. So best is to try to turn your mind to things that exist forever, in this life and in your next life and all your future lives and things that exist in the feelings and the minds of all other creatures – and that is to use your heart-mind. Just because of the fact that once you have a mind you can choose to use it for good (that is the same as the purpose of life – wisdom and compassion), or bad (that is all that is the opposite of the purpose of life – stupidity and cruelty) all problems in yourself and in the world exist. Because what we call evil is the opposite of the purpose of life and gaining happiness, it is not really true. It cannot exist for ever. Bad things can only exist temporarily, though sometimes a very, very long time – sometimes much longer than your life. Ultimately all evil and all evil beings will die out and the good always wins. But our desire for pleasures are so strong, because we have followed them so long when we were animals, and many people are so stupid, that it may take a very, very, very long time. So become wise and compassionate: try to love all beings and use your clearest mind to help them when they are in trouble (even though that is their own fault). Listen to your heart. That is simple, but not always easy. You have to train yourself. Sometimes you may become “disheartened,” but not really, because your real heart never dies. Heroes always stand up and begin again with new courage after they seem or think to have been defeated. Well, and if you are not a hero (or think so), don’t stand up now and play that you are a coward for some time. Just try. Then, maybe, after a while you will get up again out of sheer boredom.

All that Adi feared in his dream was really to happen, much later, thousands of years later, in reality. Because when we were animals we had already learned to be afraid of each other (you don’t need a mind for that!) when we got a mind and became humans we became more afraid and therefore more aggressive, and we built strong territories such as castles Castleand walled cities, and invented countries and politics and we started to fight wars– what of course is crazy because hearts can never die and just come back in another body to fight another war … or to make peace for ever. Nowadays humans are all afraid of each other and have enough weapons to destroy millions of other humans in one big blow, as well as animals and plants and other things. Now we even have the power to destroy ourselves and the whole Earth. Even though the earth is still so beautiful on many places, where there are (almost) no pollution and ugly noises such as trucks and other motors can make, we can at once destroy it, and perhaps we will have to wait for billions of years, floating somewhere in space between the earth and the moon and other planets, always unable to do what we want because we have no bodies for that and before our hearts can form new bodies and live in them – and try it all over again. Super, super boring I think.

Of course Adi knew all the time that this could happen, because that is the nature of a mind when it is combined with animal desires. But if we would not have been animals in the past, we would never have developed desires at all, and no powers, and we would know no difference between joy and suffering. Without that, when we only had a mind, we would still do nothing. We would have no desire to do anything and just stand there or lay there, like plants, and we would never answer our question. May be there are other universes like that – I really don’t know. Anyway, I have never heard about it. Our universe is Adi’s universe, whose very character is adventure, because he wants to know who he really is.

Mind combined with animal’s desires and stupidity becomes selfishness or egotism. But Adi took the risk anyway. He knew that the most difficult part of his task in this part of the universe would be to learn people how to use their minds in the right way and not in the wrong way. He also knew that the best way for a mind to learn something and not to make mistakes,AP 24 Mistakes 4is to listen to one’s heart, and better even, to listen to the Heart of hearts. But, regrettably, not so many people do that. Just look around you (or perhaps within you). However Adi also knew that there was a second best way for the mind to learn what is good. That is: by making mistakes. Because if you make a mistake you do something which is against Nature, that means to say, you do something against what is true. Nature (which directly came from Adi’s Heart and body) will automatically try to correct you with the use of Adi’s own faultless mind. This effort of Nature to correct our mistakes we call suffering. Because we don’t want suffering, we will try to do better next time and then become happy. All Nature is connected with Adi’s Heart, and always trying to urge us and to help us and to guide us to more wisdom.


(tHe silent voice)

The silent voice

In reality both things happen with every human being. People hear the soundless voice of their heart all the time, but some people pay more attention to it than others. The heart “speaks” usually very softly, and some people call the voice of the heart “the voice of the silence.”

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