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 Adi and Praja  Chapter 5  Issue 19: Jelly people

Thanks to Praja, thanks to other planets, and thanks to the whole green world – who all cooperate.

After a few hundred years Praja transmitted her magical powers to a younger tree, who then became queen.


(Jelly people)

Praja found herself now in again another part of her dream. It was more horrible. It would end in the worst type of nightmare a girl can ever have, and it would end in a weird way – and it was all for a purpose.

She remembered nothing of being a shining jewel in the sun on the top of the mountain, nothing of the tree she was only a short time ago in the same dream. Also she had forgotten about the cockroaches among which she had lived and who she had tried to help. Now she was in a valley, between high snow-capped mountains. In that valley she looked at her own body. It was something like a human body, but very big – perhaps 100 feet tall or more, and its was made of something that was almost transparent like jelly. In many respects she looked more like a jellyfish than like a human being, but in her feelings she was a human being and not-at-all a jellyfish. She had only one eye, in the middle of her jelly-like forehead. She could see her own organs, like lungs, a stomach, intestines, a pancreas, a liver and kidneys in her own body and all kind of streams of force and energy were flowing through it from top to bottom and from bottom to top and sideways.

She wasn’t alone. In fact there were thousands belonging to various types and races. They had really strange habits – though for themselves it was normal of course. Some were laying eggs and after some time the eggs would hatch and young jelly-boysgirls were born. Somehow these “people” born from jelly-eggs were somewhat more intelligent than the others. They would be the leaders in their world, and they could make things. Their jelly was stiffer than of the others who did not lay eggs. Also, although they could not really think – not much better than animals – they had some strange feeling inside, some unknown desire, some mysterious power: they wanted to understand things.

The others apparently belonged to ancient races, and they did not have that strange desire – even though it existed in their hearts, but they didn’t know it. They were not man or women. If it was time to get children they would simply split in halves. Sometimes fluid-like jelly would come out of their body somewhere and then made it loose and separate from that parent body, and a new heart (which was just a part of the old heart) would live in that small jelly-body. It could be the hearts of animals who had no body yet, who would live in that small jelly-body, and they could reproduce themselves, even though in the beginning their were no males and females, when they had such jelly-bodies. Only much later, after many, many, many generations they became modern animals and became males and females, such as bulls and cows, stags and does, sows and boars, male dogs and bitches and so on and so on and so forth.

It was really a weird spooky world there in which Praja lived now, which was nevertheless very beautiful in its own way. It looked proud and noble, high of heart, radiating and had harmonious colors. But throughout the ages that she had been there, she had become less jelly-like, less transparent, and indeed had come to look more like a human being. She never laid an egg, she simply had no thought of it. She was simply always helping other jelly-“people” and “animals.” Most of them had a lovely character, but were very stupid, and therefore created a lot of problems for themselves. Problems they only could have solved when they had had a mind, but that they hadn’t. Praja taught them a lot of things (because Praja had a mind – and a very good one too). And they would learn all that Praja taught them, but they couldn’t invent anything by themselves – because they could not contain ideas.


(Praja’s Son)

Then suddenly Praja’s dream turned into a nightmare.

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