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Adi and Praja

Chapter 5

Issue 18: All beings are there to help each other

In this way gigantic trees and thin threads under the ground live together, work together, and help each other. All living beings are there to help each other – even though they themselves may not be conscious of the task they perform because they only follow their automatic ways and impulses. But Praja was fully conscious of all these things, because she could understand the hearts and the connections between all these beings.


(all beings are there to help each other)

Lord Great Hero

Minerals can bring light directly to your heart. Animals and most people only use food made by plants (or they eat the meat of other animals, but originally it comes all from plants), but can do almost nothing with sunlight. Animals and humans can only use warmth and produce warmth – which is a lower form of light). Only plants can directly “eat,” (or should I say “drink”? or “breathe”? or “absorb”? sunlight and use it for the benefit of their own bodies and all other creatures which have an earth-body. So that plants can grow their own bodies from minerals together with sunlight – and all the others build their bodies by eating plants: their fruits, their seeds, their leaves. There are people who can absorb energy from the sun directly, and they never have to eat. But such people are so rare that you can find a few of them only on the whole world. And now we won’t talk about them further, because we are talking of a plant queendom and their queen Praja.

Because Praja was kindness and helpfulness in her very nature she gave special powers to plants. In the first place her Happiness radiated so far that all plants became happier and did their utmost to work hard and produce the most beautiful flowers: thousands, millions and billions in all colors and forms on earth: some flowers were mathematic in structure, like the minerals, others created variations on this mathematical theme. Just as music plays with sounds, plants play with forms and colors. Plants seemed never to get tired of creating new ideas. Some flowers look like a circle of dancers; others seems to give a feeling of protection, or intimacy, some try to look like the sun. Some are hanging down, deep inside the dark forest and have delightful smells. Others seem to look out towards the horizon, again others open their hearts fully to the sun, without any fear, as if they really love the sun. All these flowers are originally born from a beautiful and intelligent thought – and they are inspired by the beauty of the invisible beings around them, who help them to build their forms and colors. In this ways flowers are not only honey factories for bees, bumblebees etc., but also create an atmosphere of happiness or mysteriousness around them that can sometimes, often even, uplift gloomy people. All this greatly thanks to Praja, who herself was embodied in that big tree in the middle of the rainforest.

Because most plants are helpful and kind, and never think of their own interest first (actually they can not think at all, only feel, but never in a selfish way), and Praja, who could feel as well as think and was very brilliant, was also of a helpful and kind nature, she gave many powers to the plants, so that they could better help animals and people – in fact all living, breathing beings on Earth. Plants make the air that we can breathe. They make food for all beings on Earth who cannot make their own food from sunlight. They make sweet fruits, such as juicy berries, cherries, grapes apples, mangoes, oranges, papaya’s and many, many more, and also seeds for birds and beasts and people, and leaves and building materials for nests and houses, and they give shadow to take shelter from the heat, and protect the soil which would otherwise be washed away against hard rain. They even give food and housing to the tiniest germs, and to molds and mushrooms and insects and so on up to very big monkeys. And many plants have, thanks to Praja, and thanks to help from other planets, special powers: If you are sick there is almost always a plant which can help you. This is how medicine were discovered. No animal of people have to become sick during their life, if only they breath good air, eat the right plants, love the sun, and, as far as people are concerned, always have good thoughts. For animals (excepts dogs and cats and rats and some birds which live between humans) this is not so much of a problem because they live in nature among plants all the time, and breathe good air and drink good water. But some people eat all kinds of rubbish, pollute their environment, so that there is no good air and living water around, and many think they have no time to love the sun. And people, like no other creature, can have very bad thoughts. So sooner or later they become sick. But even then, when they have become sick due to their own stupidity, plants can help – if there is a doctor who knows all about plants. Some people become so sick that even plants can’t help them. Some even die of sickness and have to be reborn in a new body as a baby in a new body. And then, if they are still stupid or bad – that is almost the same – they become sick again when they grow up. A few people are already sick when they are born – but there are always some plants who can help them at least a little. Thanks to Praja, thanks to other planets, and thanks to the whole green world – who all cooperate.

After a few hundred years Praja transmitted her magical powers to a younger tree, who then became queen.


(Jelly people)

Praja found herself now in again another part of her dream. It was more horrible. It would end in the worst type of nightmare a girl can ever have, and it would end in a weird way – and it was all for a purpose.


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