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Adi and Praja

Chapter 5

Issue 16: Praja and the cockroaches

They each lived in their own world, as do the North pole and the South pole of our planet – and these also never meet and they don’t know each other.


(The second dream of Praja)

(Praja and the cockroaches)

Chapter 5

The second dream of Praja

Cockroach Queen

After entering the dream through the tiny watch on the table and seeing for a second only the beauty of all she had seen in her previous dream, she suddenly found herself among huge cockroaches, much bigger than herself. They all were very busy with something, and they all were in a very gloomy mood. Terrible stories went around among the cockroaches about other cockroaches who had been killed and tortured, even though they had never done anything wrong. It all just belonged to their nature of being a cockroach. And Praja felt terrible pity for all of these hardworking, gloomy creatures, whose feelings were always filled with fear. She took the form of a cockroach body – a most beautiful, queen-like cockroach body – in order to try to communicate with them. She tried to talk with them, but they didn’t listen, even though she knew cockroach language. They could not listen even if they had wanted to: they had no mind and not even a brain and could not think, and therefore could not understand anything. She did whatever she could to improve their circumstances. She provided them with energy and strength in their bodies and tried to take care that there was always enough filth for them to eat. First she had tried with good quality food, but they had all rejected it. They simply did not know that it was food, because from the first day of their lives they had only seen en smelled filth, and for them that was everything that mattered. Moreover, deep within, it was their duty to eat filth, so that other creature could leave in a cleaner world. Long before their birth they had chosen that task even though they did not consciously remember. For many years Praja lived among the cockroaches and helped them wherever she could, even though it was but a very little bit of help she could give.

Some of the cockroaches, even though they could not think, felt some gratitude for what she was doing for them. And when they felt that gratitude their gloom was less gloomy. At times it was almost like happy. And the magic of it was something that they didn’t know: once they had felt that gratitude, they never had to born as cockroaches again. They would always become a nicer and more respected creature in their next life. And that is how Praja was indeed doing great work in this gloomiest of all gloomy worlds: she helped some of the most miserable creatures out of their misery if the right time for that particular cockroach was there.

Praja becomes a stone

As it can go in dreams, with one thought, Praja’s dream brought her to another place in a much earlier period of the life of the planet Earth. There where no cockroaches, not even memories of them. Suddenly she found herself surrounded by stones, rocks, mountains. She herself had taken the form of a stone. Stones do not suffer very much because they can’t feel pain, they have no minds, and can live very, very long, so they are not afraid of dying. Even if you cut stones in many pieces they do not die or suffer very much. But most of them are very, very sleepy. Nothing much happens in their life, though they live so long that they witness the landscapes change, forests grow and disappear, species of animals come and die out. They saw forests of giant ferns come and go; they witnessed the first dinosaurs, and also the last ones; and later they would see human cultures come and die out. They saw cities come and go and wars come and peace and again wars, produced by beings whose life was so short that they thought that there feelings were unique and their interests the most important ones. But it left the stones cold. They didn’t bother. Though they could not think or see or here as we do, they have the wisdom of old age, very old age, and therefore regard every event and emotion of animals and humans as trivial. In their silence they are great teachers for humans who care to understand them. They taught stability and patience and endurance – and beauty.

For the rest nothing much happens in their lives, and whatever happens of interest goes very slow. Most of them would be bored, but probably stones can not feel boredom. With some nostalgia they might remember a little bit of their glorious past, when the earth was being built and full of volcanoes, rivers of molten rock, and continuous chemical processes, and when their hearts could move freely through the whole earth globe. Today most of the rocks are hard, but not all: some are fluid and we call them water, others are like gas, and we call them air. In the center of the Earth they are all moving and spiraling. Though most of them at the surface and the earth’s crust are sleepy, they have three things with them: light, beauty and mathematics. You remember that at one time in Adi’s and Praja’s first dreams they could hardly see whether the spheres they saw were made of light or of crystal. That was because at that time light was just turning into crystal. Even today the light is inside every stone, in every drop of water, in snowflakes, and in the air. Precious stones are masters in showing light, and that is why they are so beautiful and valuable, and that is also why dewdrops can make the light of the sun to shine through them in such a way that the dewdrop looks like a bright green emerald, a deep red ruby, yellow sapphire, amethyst, deep blue sapphire as well as aquamarine. Most stones we see around us are opaque like milk in coffee, or rusty brown or grey or greenish, but if you look close enough to them, perhaps with a magnifying glass, you will find that they still have the same light and crystal beauty within them, and that something of them, deep within is still alive – a spark of the beautiful heydays for them – but most of their consciousness had moved on to invisible planets where they continued their evolution.

I also said that every stone has mathematics within itself. Mathematics? Are you crazy? Math is something children learn at school and what is studied by the most intelligent grown-ups among all people, like Albert Einstein. How can stones who have no minds and cannot read and write and calculate have math? Have you ever seen a ruby or an amethyst sitting in a school class listening to a teacher and writing and making calculations? Of course not. Stones do not learn mathematics, but mathematics is their very nature – it is in their molecules. They are mathematics, especially geometry by their very forms. Crystals grow themselves into the most fundamental geometrical forms. Some are like pyramids, or cubes, or as double pyramids (hexagons, with eight triangular sides and six corners, like salt crystals), some are symmetrical, other asymmetrical, some show squares and triangles or parallelograms or trapeziums as their sides, etc. Parallelepipeds are rhomboids and have six sides and eight corners (like asymmetrical cubes or stretched cubes) and some have or twelve corners, or more – whatever geometrical structures you can thinks of. Many are completely perfect in their mathematical form, with perfect sides, perfect angles, some are symmetrical so have two equal halves, other are asymmetrical, which means they can never be divided into two equal halves. These mathematics and geometrical forms you can not only see in so-called precious and semiprecious stones, but in fact in all stones and minerals, like salt and snowflakes and sand. Plants and animals and humans don’t show these perfections as well as stones do, though many flowers and some animals such as starfish (which are, by the way, no fish at all) and snails are quite good in it, and human minds also. It is inside all living things, but usually more hidden than in minerals and not so easy to see.

So, after these stories, who can deny that stones and other minerals have light, mathematics and a deep inner understanding of the beauty within themselves, within all beautiful things in the universe? Some people, like some architects, jewelers, appreciators of nature and other artists understand that very well.

Praja, in her dream, was now a precious stone.

She was living on the very top of a high mountain. She was fully transparent and crystal clear, without any irregularities or stains. She was perfectly round. Because she had no color of herself, she was all colors. She could reflect and deflect all types of light. Because she was perfectly round she was all forms and mathematical formulas. Thus she was the Queen of all other stones, minerals, crystals. All of them were inspired by her example. All of them tried to become as beautiful as she was. But everyone had its own character and none of them could completely equal her. They became perfect in their own way: as emeralds, aquamarines, diamonds, rubies, amethysts, rock-crystals and many, many more. All were crystallized light and beauty. By her inspiration Praja helped them to become near perfect beings, perfect bodies for their noble hearts. Millions and billions and trillions of them on the Earth alone. The same happened at different times on other planets, and on planets of other solar systems and galaxies.

All this took place long before she lived among the cockroaches. In dreams time and sequence do not count very much. You can dream of now, of the past and sometimes even of the future – and mix it all up in the same dream.


(The big tree in the forest)

The big tree in the forest

Just as suddenly as she had become a crystal-clear round jewel, she now found herself as a huge tree in the midst of a tropical rainforest. She was very big, more than hundred feet high

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