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Adi and Praja

Chapter 4

Issue 15: Everything became pitch dark

There would be another tomorrow. Tomorrow for the planet was many thousands of years for us. But than everyone and everything would wake up again and come back.


(Everything became pitch dark for adi)


Through this dream Adi had absorbed all the experiences of all creatures, which after all were parts of his own big question: “Who am I?” But this question was still very far from being completely answered. Adi was much shocked and worried about the struggle and pain and suffering he saw and heard and felt. Thinking of this, his dream turned into an absolute nightmare. pitch black3-2Everything grew dark around him. Pitch dark. He could no longer see the planet or other planets or the spheres of crystal light above and around him. All sounds disappeared, even smells and tastes disappeared. He felt like choking. He was completely alone. In the dark, in the silence, which was more silent than the most silent silence you can imagine. Even in a cave deep under the earth where nobody ever lived it is not so silent as it was now around Adi. But in his mind he felt the suffering and pain of all the cockroaches and all other creatures. Then he suddenly shouted out in the darkness and silence: “O my God !” “O my God help me and these creatures.” There was no answer. After his shouting that reached the farthest corner of the pitch dark universe, it was silent again. He waited and waited. It seemed a nightmare without end. And for many ages he was thinking and pondering and meditating about why God did not answer him. And finally he came to the conclusion: “God does not exist.” God only existed as a fantasy in his own mind, and this was in fact a mere product of his mind. And, if God didn’t exist, how could he help him or anything or anyone on Earth or any other planet? Adi was desperate. And in his despair hpitch black3-1e shouted again: “Help,” he cried, but now without mentioning God, because he understood now that “God” didn’t exist. Maybe there were other creatures who could here him and then help him. His cry reached the furthest corner of the universe. And he waited, with some hope to hear an answer. No answer came. Not today, not the next day, not even after ten years. He waited a thousand years. Then he concluded that not only did God not exist, but that nothing existed. Only utter darkness, silence, loneliness, fear and despair. Many years he spent there completely alone without even getting the slightest hint of an answer. It was the worst nightmare in the whole universe. Then a thought dawned on his mind, or rather a question, or an answer, whatever you like to call it: “If nothing exists, than I also do not exist.” But then immediately he thought: “If I don’t exist, how can I know that I don’t exist?” “I know that I exist, because if I would not exist I also would not know that I did not exist.” “And what about the other living beings: the stones, the plants, butterflies, cockroaches, lobsters, sea urchins, fish, tortoises and dinosaurs which he remembered? Did they exist or did they not exist? All the hearts of all these beings: did they exist or not? Bupitch black3t they all were there in his mind, in his memory. All the hearts were parts of his heart, and all creatures with all their many colors and shapes existed in his mind.

He himself was everything, including God and all the cockroaches. Why do all these creature suffer sometimes, enjoy sometimes, but never really found the answers they were looking for? What to do to relieve their suffering and guide them – so that finally all the questions will be answered satisfactorily, including the One Big Question Which Includes All Other Questions: “Who am I?” Adi was now so deeply involved in his own thinking that he had even forgotten about the silence and the darkness. His attention was all inside his own mind and his own heart, and he was totally absorbed. Both “things that exist” and “things that do not exist” had disappeared. He only was

Lightning11A thought flashed into his mind, like a lightning flash: “They can never solve the question because they have no mind; THEY CAN NOT THINK! I must give them a mind!

Then Adi woke up, and immediately his dream was gone.” He was with his parents, who again smiled – as if they were relieved themselves – and they were very happy. Because they had followed his dream (though Adi didn’t know that) they had at times been very worried. At times they feared that everything would go wrong and that he might never wake up again and stay for ages and ages to come in darkness and silence. The parents could have helped him, but they knew that they should not do that. After all it was his dream, and his Big Question: “Who am I?”


And nobody else can ever answer someone’s real question. Because it is strictly private, and only the one who has the question can answer it. If somebody else, like his parents, would have whispered an answer into his dream, it would not have been his own answer, and he would not have been able to really understand it – and by the time he would have realized that he would have lost a lot of time, and would have had to begin all over again. Moreover, Adi needed to be trained to work and think under all circumstances. A great task was laying before him, his parents knew. And he needed more dream-training before he could be born on Earth.

But let’s now first have a look to what happened to Praja, of whom we have heard nothing for a some time. Adi did not know her, and she did not know Adi, though both fully shared one heart – but their consciousness was in different aspects of it. Both had a Father and a Mother, and perhaps these were the same Father and Mother, but however it was, they never met each other when they were with their parents. They each lived in their own world, as do the North pole and the South pole of our planet – and these also never meet and they don’t know each other.



(The second dream of Praja)

Praja and the cockroaches

Chapter 5

The second dream of Praja

Praja and the cockroaches

After entering the dream through the tiny watch on the table and seeing for a second only the beauty of all she had seen in her previous dream, she suddenly found herself among huge cockroaches, much bigger than herself.

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