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From Holland to Nepal

Adi and Praja

Chapter 4

Issue 14: The Earth grows tired


Well, you see, a question so seemingly simple as ‘why do eating and being eaten (and the related suffering) exist,’ makes a very difficult and complex answer. If you don’t understand anything of it, don’t worry – just follow the best of your heart and let it guide your mind – and suffering in the world will be reduced to a trifle of what it is now. If you do understand, chances are that you are really intelligent. We live in a really dark age compared to many other ages we have gone through and will go through, we are in a very difficult ‘year’ in the school of life – but one day that age will be over, and our mind can take some holiday.

Let’s now return to the main story – which is easier to follow.


(The earth grows tired and wants to sleep)

Adi saw how he, who was once Blatto, the heart that was once in the body of a cockroach, learned and grew more knowledgeable. And wise. After all, Blatto’s Heart, Adi’s Heart was a question, and wanted to be answered. And he did very well. He knew a lot now – but there was much more that he still didn’t know. And his desire to know drove him from one birth to another … and another … and so on. One day, when he had learned everything about the water on this planet, he was born as a frog, then as a tortoise – who could stay under water very long, but also could put his head above the water and breath the air, and climb on land. And he lived many long lifetimes as a dinosaur and then as several types of birds – where he got more understanding of the element of air and its magnetic currents than he could have understood as a butterfly or other insect. Other births were those as a big buffalo, and then as an elephant – the biggest and strongest, and one of most intelligent and sympathetic animals on land.white elephant3

Of course all this took a very long time – to be born, to live, to die – to be born, to live, to die, to live without a body and become born again by building a new body around him- or herself. All this together took many millions of years, even though Adi oversaw it all in a flash within his dream. And this story as I have written it here took place on one planet Earth only. There are other planets Earth (or you may call them “invisible space islands”) within our solar system of different sizes which are connected as a chain or necklace to our visible earth, though they are completely invisible nowadays – and in fact interpenetrating without knowing it – where he lived also or will live in the future, in bodies which are only visible to other animals and people living on these, for us now invisible, planets or islands. And they all turn around the Sun and receive their energy and light from it. Can you imagine it : at the sky we can see Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and other planets – some only with the help of telescopes – but  each one of these planets has some six companions of different sizes, just as true as the planets we see, with mountains, lakes and rivers and seas and at some periods millions of species of creatures, but completely invisible for us now, even with the finest instruments we have today?

 The earth grows tired and wants to sleep

Egypt from space

Tired Earth

In the mean time the Earth herself had become tired. She was still full alive but also knew that one day she would have to take a long rest and sleep for some time. Then most of her creatures would have to leave her for the time being to stay and live on the other, invisible, Earths.


Our Earth looked at her own body. It was largely bright blue because of the oceans and seas and lakes and the vibrating blue sky. Large parts were yellow and red and grey because of sands and rocks, or green because of trees forests and grasslands. Other parts were white of snow and there was also a very bright white cover slowly flying or floating above all the other things. These were the clouds which ever changed, went to other places and sometimes disappeared into invisibility or appeared out of “nothing” in the sky. The clouds sometimes used to shed tears (what we call rain) of white flakes or frozen stones.Dragon-like lights were flashing down and up between the sky and the lands and waters of the Earths and from left to right or right to left between clouds. There were also electrical flashes above the clouds reaching out to space. The body of our Earth was built of silent and noisy, fixed and moving things, enjoying and suffering things. Adi looked down to this planet while he was still in his dream. Then he wanted to have a closer look. He floated down and saw how the white (at sunset and sunrise pink) clouds below him became bigger and bigger. They seemed to move faster and faster. When he came closer he saw they were as big as mountains, or at least as castles.IMG_0763 Now he saw them also next to himself moving in high speed. Their sides were grey and things became gloomy and chilly and moist around him. He went into a cloud and everything was grey: fog on all sides in all the six directions. Lightning7Then suddenly the grey fog disappeared and he saw the body of the Earth. How beautiful ! All these colors and all these creatures on her surface and inside the waters and the sky! Because Adi was not an average human being like we are, he could look right through the body of the earth.

Under her surface were thousands of tunnels and caves. Millions of creatures were living there as well. Still lower he saw gigantic creatures. These are so strange that we humans can hardly imagine what they look like, or how they feel themselves or what the think (if they think), whether they were happy or gloomy of friendly or unfriendly. He could also see the heart of the earth – and it was his own heart, it had much of the same nature as his own heart.MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA The body of the Earth was made of stone, fluid stone, ice, water, air, plant bodies, animal bodies, clouds. All these together formed the body of the earth. And all their feelings together were the feelings of the earth. Everything that all these beings knew together was the knowledge of the earth. People weren’t there at that time. And the time had come for the planet and all its creatures to take rest and sleep, and to move on. There would be another tomorrow. Tomorrow for the planet was many thousands of years for us. But than everyone and everything would wake up again and come back.Turkiye August 2009 Drip stone cave


(Everything became pitch dark for adi)

Through this dream Adi had absorbed all the experiences of all creatures, which after all were parts of his own big question: “Who am I?” But this question was still very far from being completely answered.

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