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Adi and Praja

Chapter 4

Issue 12: Eating and being eaten

So, despite all the beauty there was still a lot of pain and fear and suffering also. Sometimes he caused suffering – as when he had a fish body with big sharp teeth (like piranhas) and hunted and killed other fishes. At other times he himself was bitten to pieces and killed, because nature always punishes everyone who causes suffering to others.


(Why has nature invented eating and being eaten?)

Why has nature invented eating and being eaten?

When Adi saw creatures eating each other and the suffering of the beings that are chased and eaten, together with the joy of the predators at the cost of the suffering of their pray, he was shocked and realized that he had never wanted to create such a world. It seemed to be in complete contradiction to the nature of his own heart. Until he had this dream he himself didn’t even know what suffering was, and that it existed. And certainly not suffering that is inflicted from the one upon the other. So how could this unpleasant system of nature come forth from his own heart, from his own wish to understand who he actually was? Well, he could logically conclude, that ‘who he actually was’ also included suffering and death. Why? Because of his question? If he hadn’t had that question of ‘who am I?’, all this wouldn’t have existed? So he looked closely to the whole process. First he saw that most creatures do never attack or eat each other. Stones don’t do that, plants don’t do that (though there are a few exceptions who attack passively, such as fly-catching plants), invisible beings do not have to eat and drink at all, because they have no physical bodies which need to be maintained. He also saw that the most spiritual creatures, which at the time when they first issued from his heart, had bodies of very subtle matter. They just unconsciously made their own bodies, because that very subtle matter was so much akin to their spirit (or heart), that it automatically adjusted to every feeling-energy, or you may call it desire-energy (because they had come into existence to answer their question). In reality, in the most refined, subtle side of their character, there is no difference between spirit, energy, desire, thought and matter. Each are just modes of presentation of the same thing, of Adi. By adjusting to their innate awareness (a ‘spark’ of the universal awareness of Adi’s heart), they brought subtle matter together by electrifying it into ‘positive and negative’ electrical condensations. Being either positive or negative they either attracted or repelled each other. In that way you got division in space, or clusters, of subtle matter, and these clusters of matter are a little bit less subtle, as we call it, or, in other words, they were matter of a coarser type. These coarser particles were also centers of concentration for the question to be answered.

Then the same went on again towards a still coarser type of matter, until there were seven different types of matter. Seven different types of the same primal, extremely subtle, matter or energy, but formed together in seven different phases of clusters, with each their own character, energies and properties (just as sugar molecules, consisting of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon atoms, taste very different from each of these elements on their own). At the same time, different types of vibration came from Adi’s heart, taking care of the production of their own type of matter (the next lower coarser one out of the present more subtle one, and so on) These vibrations we could call, in human terms: sound, touch, light, taste and smell (and no doubt two more which we don’t recognize yet, to make the number seven).

So it became very clear to Adi that all these seven phases of matter and seven types of energy-information where very much Adi himself. Now, because all matters and energies where related, they all ran in up and down circles to interchange information, and to bring ‘experience’ from a coarser level to a more subtle level. Each and all having their own consciousness, their own power of perception, their own power of interchange of information, they had to send their information from their experience into their more subtle essence, so that it could absorb it and transfer it to Adi’s heart. Now imagine you are a molecule, or a thought, or a feeling, or an ‘unit of wisdom,’ and you have to bring that to the next higher level, you have to step up to that higher level – which, after all, theoretically, is not so difficult, because your next higher level is your direct individual essence. So that is what ‘dying’ is: rising up to your own essence, leaving all coarser things behind for the time being. You will pick them up later, when the time has come to form a new coarse body to gain more experience – then you ‘come down’ to the level of that coarser matter, and you do what with humans and animals is called ‘reincarnate’ and with other creatures ‘reembody.’  Reincarnation is the reembodiment in a body of flesh – animals and people. So if you wish to use reembodiment for all cases, it’s okay.

As said, invisible beings form their bodies by influencing subtle matter. Minerals do the same, but on a coarser level of matter than invisible beings. They attract the coarsest types of molecules around their souls, and the atoms of this matters come so much attached to each other that some of them can stay together sometimes for millions or billions of years, as long as the life of the planet of which they belong. In the mean time the mineral has ‘died’ many times perhaps, and the groups of atoms known as crystals and stones etc., are left on their own, each atom with its own individual soul. Ultimately mineral souls have experienced all that can be learned as a mineral, all answers that can be gained by a mineral, and they pass on, after billions of years, I guess via many intermediate stages into the plant kingdom.

Plants do it in a somewhat different way. They have developed mechanisms to absorb light and energy from the sun, mechanisms which bind molecules from the air to themselves through their leaves, and from the water in the soil by electrically sucking ions in through their roots. Thus plants build themselves bodies by absorbing energy from the sum, the air, and from water. (Remind that matter, such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, water, ions and many other minerals are all forms of condensed energy with their own special properties, with their own information, derived from the original information from Adi’s heart and the ‘modified information’ due to interchange of experience-information.) Plants do not really eat in the sense that they actively hunt and kill, but in most cases kindly take what is given to them. That is, most plants do it in this ‘friendly’ way. Only a few plants souls seem to lean towards particular animal habits and eat meat many have become parasites – or cooperators (called symbionts) on other plants.

Now you already know that there are no beings in our universe which are more compassionate than Adi and Praja – it is the very nature of ‘his’ and ‘her’ heart. So this compassion is everywhere, because everything came from it. This whole process of absorption and interchange is permeated by compassion. If animals kill it is no mental cruelty from their side, and it serves a most important necessity of nature. Still pain is inflicted, great pain sometimes, physical and psychological pain (such as fear) and that is not compassion. I suppose it happens only in our world, which is, from a spiritual point of view, the very lowest of all worlds. If humans kill, it is conscious cruelty, and damages the human soul more than the soul of the one who is killed. Humans spin threads of cause and effect from present to the future – ‘history threads.’ Humans can choose for active consideration and compassion, and there is no greater sin than abandoning or ignoring an impulse of compassion. If mineral souls or plant souls collect coarse matter around them, this serves not only themselves, but also the atoms and molecules which are absorbed. During the embodiment (or ‘incarnation’) of the mineral or plant, their atoms receive the beneficial influence of the souls of these minerals and plants all the time. The same applies to animals. It is a most fortunate event for an atom to be part of the body of a mineral, plant, animal or human – and in the latter case we humans, because we can be conscious of it, and because only we can do evil, no doubt have a responsibility for the atoms of our bodies through the way we use our mind, body and energy.


(All beings are there to help each other)

The higher always helps the lower, and – in the case of humans,


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