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Adi and Praja

Chapter 4

Issue 9: All creatures are dying !

They actually killed each other! That means, some created terrible wounds in each others bodies and they made terrifying, loud, ugly noises. Some were stinking also. Many bodies were so much wounded that their hearts would have to leave them, and the bodies – which were now “dead” were eaten by others. Some were eaten even before their heart had left their body and they were suffering terribly until the moment they died.


(All creatures are ‘dying !’)


Adi was flabbergasted. He did not know what “dying” was, because he had never done it himself as far as he could remember. As far as he knew he had always been there. What is that: “dying?” It was a very big question for him. The most puzzling thing was that, in his former dream, as he remembered, not long after he had stepped out of the elevator and had entered the magic 49 minute clock, all these things had come from himself. And all had had a round or oval form and were transparent. Now he wondered about a deep question. If he himself never died, and all these millions and billions and trillions of creatures were “made” from himself, then it seemed logical that they would also never die. Because they were originally completely the same as himself. The only difference between them and him was that he was only one, and they were many. So, logically, he concluded: Many always dies, and One never dies.

He left that big question for now, and dived back into his dream experience. He saw that the millions and billions and trillions of creatures, after some time, all died. Even if they were not eaten by others, and not mortally wounded, they would still die by themselves, quietly and peacefully, when their body had become old. What does it mean: “to die?” To his enormous relief he saw that even though all bodies died, the hearts never died. The hearts simply left the bodies, but each heart always survived dying and remained connected with his own heart by a ray of light. Every time when someone’s heart left his or her dying body, it had learned something it did not know before it had been born, and therefore had gained something. Remember: each heart was in fact a question which was a part of One Big question. The One Big Question was: “Who am I?”

Every plant, every stone, every animal, every boy or girl, every invisible creature had deep in the heart of its heart that One Question: “Who am I?” And all of them were so busy searching for the answer to that question that they actually had forgotten what the Big Question was. Therefore everyone was always running after something they found important, without really remembering why he or she was running after that something. The flowers wanted to open their petals so that they could feel the sun, but they did not know why they were doing so – but they found it a pleasant feeling, and that was all that mattered to flowers. Flowers also loved to be visited by bees, bumblebees, butterflies and birds and other creatures – but they did not know why they liked it. They just liked it. If it happened it was a pleasant feeling.

The butterflies, bumblebees, and others in their turn were searching for something also: they were of course searching for nectar inside the flowers, and when they found it they enjoyed it tremendously. Again and again they went to the same flowers and other types of flowers, and they enjoyed many different colors, smells, feelings, honey-tastes. They were happy, at least most of them, the insects and birds as well as the flowers. The flowers made their visitors happy, and the visitors made their hosts, the flowers, happy.

But why it made them happy, they never asked themselves. In their zeal for happiness they had forgotten one thing: that they all were questions which originally were born from one big question – that is, Adi’s question, who merely wanted to know “Who am I?” So they had forgotten – or never knew before – that what they were looking for was the Supreme Nectar, called the Nectar of Immortality. Of this the nectar within the flowers was only an imitation, or perhaps a shadow. Someone who knows who he or she really is, knows that he is his heart, and that this heart is the same as the Great Heart, the heart of Adi.

All these things happened in Adi’s dream. Adi was merely looking at all this, around him, and under his “feet” (though he had no real feet). He saw the joy and happiness of all plants and rocks and rivers, creeks, waterfalls and even forest fires and volcanoes, of animals and millions and billions of creatures too small to be seen by normal eyes, and also billions made of shining matter – which Adi could see, but we cannot. He also saw that their happiness was lasting only for a short time in the same form. For some, like the insects, happiness in their body only lasted for one day or a week or a few weeks. The happiness of crystal rocks lasted much longer – many hundreds or thousands of years, but then also it was over. All these happinesses in as many different bodies were no more than a weak imitation, or a shadow, of real Happiness, which was pure like the brightest light of a million suns, and lasted for such a long time that nobody can see the beginning of it, nor the end of it, and that where happiness comes from – Real Happiness – has no beginning or an end.

Almost all creatures on all planets were the same in one respect: they had forgotten (in their consciousness, but not in their heart) why they existed, where they were going, and their personal happiness turned into sadness, into gloom, into despair. And Adi saw and felt all that. His dream became worse and worse, almost like a nightmare.

I will describe here, as an example, only one of the terrible and frightening fearful and gloomy things he saw. You must have courage to read this story, even though it is not a human story.





It is about a cockroach. His name was Blatto. Blatto was born in a cellar.

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