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Adi and Praja

Chapter 4

Issue 8: Every Heart is Very Busy

At that very moment Praja woke up. A few moments later she saw her parents, and forgot all about her dream. But she felt an enormously big love and a desire to help. But there was nobody to help. She saw how her mother smiled to her and seemed to be more happy and radiating than before, and how she loved her daughter even more than before she fell asleep. A tear rolled down from her right eye. Father looked more mysterious and wiser than ever, but he concealed his feelings – as fathers often do – and said nothing.


(The Second Dream of Adi)


Chapter 4

The Second Dream of Adi

Every heart is very busy playing and working

The day was beautiful (as always). The Sun was shining brightly and seemed to be smiling – as if he knew the dreams of Adi and Praja – which they themselves had forgotten.

The parents of Adi and the parents of Praja. It is not clear to the mind of the writer of this book whether the parents of Adi and Praja were the same ones, or different ones. Actually I (the writer) do not even know for sure whether in reality they were two children, or that both of them were in real fact only one child. But that does not matter for the story now. In the story there are two parents and two children. However it is, the day felt like wisdom and love, more wisdom and love it seemed than before they went to sleep for their dreams. All days were always full of wisdom and love in their life, but today it all seemed to be a little more serious – as if they felt that they were going to do something with that wisdom and love.

How long that day lasted nobody knows. One day in their world may be a thousand years (or much more) for our world. But our world did not exist then, except in dreams. Moreover there was no night there, because the sun shone from all sides and there was nothing that could cast a shadow. One day just shifted automatically into the next day.

Then came another dream time – the time which we on earth call night. But in their world there was not really a day and a night. The sun was always shining.

Before I tell you the next dream I’ll first explain to you why there was no day and no night. It is simple. If on our Earth the sun shines on one side, the other side is dark. Because the other side is in the shadow of the Earth itself. So the people and the animals, plants, stones and so on and so on are all in the shadow. (There are millions or billions or trillions of invisible creatures among us and around us who shine with their own light, but are invisible to the eyes of most people.) But, of course, before the Earth existed there was no shadow either. Just as: before bad things existed, good things also did not exist. There was no difference between good and bad, there was no pain, no war and there were no mean people, not even biting and stinging insects. Thus there was no light-and-darkness either.

But as I just promised, now I am going to tell you the next dream of Adi.

Adi found himself in a huge world. He saw and heard, and felt and smelled the crystal worlds of his last dream above him, and also he knew everything that had happened in these worlds of his dream since he had his last dream – with the clock tower and the lift without a door to go back – and he had seen the crystals of light or the lights made of crystal. But is the first dream he had seen all these thing in front of him, and for most things he had had to look down. In that dream he had found all these things amazing and awesome. But in the new dream (which was in reality a lesson which his parents had sent to his dreaming mind) his feelings were very different. Most of the light crystal worlds were now above him, and he liked them, but for the rest he did not give them much attention. His mind was drawn to something else. All the worlds were teeming with life. All the light crystals were alive (because they had a heart). But even more amazing was that everything had changed. Do you remember that in his first dream Adi’s body was kind of round, though from top to bottom it had been longer and from front to back it had been narrower, so it looked more like a standing egg or oval? The reason why this round body – which was more transparent even than a jellyfish – was more tall than thick was because there was a pillar of light rising up from his heart up to his “head” higher and further than anyone could see, and the pillar was also going straight down, deeper and further than anyone could see. Actually this pillar of light was all his power which would have gone all the way to the top and the bottom of the universe, if the universe would have had a top or a bottom. Then an endless number of transparent ovals had issued from his body. Each of these ovals were in fact a question. In the beginning these ovals did not have any other form besides being oval, because the question was not yet clear, it had not yet developed into a question that one would be able to put in words. The questions existed, but they had not taken any special form.

That all came to happen in Adi’s former dream. Now the ovals or egg-shaped beings were no longer completely oval. They had changed into all kinds of different forms. Now they had sometimes branches and leaves, or legs and a number of arms or wings or fins and heads (one, or sometimes more than one head) and some had developed beautiful colors, like flowers and butterflies and water nymphs and fish. Of course there were those with long necks and sort ones – or no neck at all. All forms and colors you can imagine – and even many more colors and forms that you can not even imagine. Some were like ghosts, and could not be seen by others besides other ghosts. There were also a lot that were sneaky, were hiding, so that they could see everything around, but nobody could see them. There were millions that were living in different worlds from our own and from others without noticing each other. Many would just walk, fly, swim right through others without noticing them – only Adi could see them all. Remember: all these living and cheerful and gloomy and beautiful and ugly beings were in reality questions. They were the questions which all came forth from the same Mind: the Mind of Adi (whose real full name was Adventure Boy).

He saw in his dream many remarkable things. Everything had changed since his first dream – not only that: every creature was changing all the time. Every single being was doing something that looked like playing or working. Some stayed on one place, some moved up and down, or forward and backward. But on a whole they seemed to move down slowly and at the same time getting darker colors. They were no longer all transparent.

Seeing this gave Adi a feeling of worry – a feeling he had never had before as far as he remembered. Not everything looked so beautiful anymore. His dream slowly became less cheerful. You can not be worried and be completely happy at the same time.

Every living thing he saw was working very hard, because they had a lot of energy, many worked even fanatically. They were searching for something they could not find, and they seemed not even to know where they were searching for. Many had lost their cheerfulness. He saw creatures with sad faces, others with angry faces, and also many with eyes full of fear. Adi’s good dream turned into a bad dream. He was very shocked when he gave them a closer look. Big beings attacked small beings and tried to hurt them. Then he saw beings with dark faces, big fangs and claws who were fighting. They actually killed each other! That means, some created terrible wounds in each others bodies and they made terrifying, loud, ugly noises. Some were stinking also. Many bodies were so much wounded that their hearts would have to leave them, and the bodies – which were now “dead” were eaten by others. Some were eaten even before their heart had left their body and they were suffering terribly until the moment they died.



(All creatures are ‘dying !’)

 Adi was flabbergasted. He did not know what “dying” was, because he had never done it himself as far as he could remember.

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