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Adi and Praja

Chapter 3

Issue 7: Every creature has feelings

If you can use your mind in the right way and follow the best feelings in your heart you can escape from most hells very quickly. And if you can’t, always remember that in the future everything will be better, wiser and happier. And your heart will live in that future – 100% sure.


(Every creature has feelings)

Praja felt great pity for all those creatures who lived in these dark places on the Earth and in the dark places in their own minds (if they had one – later in their evolution) and dark places in their feelings. Praja felt so much compassion for all of them that in her heart she felt all the suffering of all beings. All the suffering was due to their own stupidity, and therefore they kept making mistakes. If she could only learn them wisdom. At such moments her dream was more like a nightmare than like the happy dream which it had been in the beginning. And of course, as it goes in dreams, she herself did not know that it was a dream. She thought it was all real.

Stones, water, the air, flames and fires and thunderbolts and also plants were not suffering so much, and even most animals were not suffering so much as humans do, because they had no minds. But many creatures can feel very miserable because they have feelings. Only they do not have the mental suffering of humans who ask: “Why?” The minerals are almost asleep nowadays, and even most of the plants are living in some kind of great, steady, but not very emotional happiness. That means to say, as long as they do not meet with humans who harass them. Often mineral are hurt because they are cut, or sucked out of the body of Earth herself, away from places where they have for long periods slept in peace. Plants are greatly hurt by humans all the time. Plants have feelings, often very fine feelings, and in their hearts they hide long experience and wisdom, the plant wisdom of many millions of years. Plants always want to help – it is their very nature. They have good hearts, though often slumbering, even when they could have learned from experience to distrust humans. Plants make thousands of fruits and nuts and seeds and leaves and also flowers with nectar, so that millions and billions of creatures including ourselves can eat and enjoy. Green plants have a living contract with the Sun, who provides them light-energy. From that light-energy they make everything: The oxygen in the air that we breath continuously day and night, and all the food we and the animals and also mushrooms and molds and micro-organisms need.

Plants also produce joy by means of millions of flowers and good smells, and they even bring back joy to people and animals who suffer pain: because inside their bodies they make medicine for every illness. All plants have a heart, though many of the same kind share a heart together, and these, in that heart, are really only one plant. That is why you can remove pieces from plants, called cuttings or slips, and each of them grows into a new plant. But in reality they share their feelings as if they were only one plant, just as the fingers of your right hand belong to the same you as the fingers of your left hand or your toes or whatever. So all plants have a heart, but not a mind, at least not the type of mind that people have. Therefore they can not think wrong ideas and make no mistakes. And therefore they can not suffer because of their mistakes. But they have feelings, and people can hurt their feelings. If people cut them or threaten them, and even if people who stand or sit close to a plant have bad and sad feelings, the feelings of the plant are touched and moved as well. So it is really only people with their stupid minds and aggressive feelings who can cause pain to plants. But still, plants always are ready to help. They are always the helpers of the Sun, who always was pure altruism because he shines the same for every living creature, rich or poor, good or bad, stupid or intelligent.

Not all plants and animals and minerals are living on our earth. Praja, who could oversee all times and all the crystal globes, from the lightest to the darkest spheres, could see that the hearts of the minerals and most plants and a lot of animals had left our Earth of iron and sand and rock and water. They had made themselves bodies on the next globe, the one of emerald, and some even on the next globe, the bright yellow one, long before people would also arrive there.

And Praja saw all this in her dream, and felt all this in her own heart, and it hurt her too, and she suffered – though deep within her there was always a consciousness which, even under such circumstances, could not suffer and was always happy. Therefore she never gave up and had made herself into the strongest character anyone can ever have. Because she knew that in due time it would all be over.

At that very moment Praja woke up within her dream, and then entered the watch again and again a number of times, and then really woke up. A few moments later she saw her parents, and forgot all about her dream. But she felt an enormously big love and a desire to help. But there was nobody to help. She saw how her mother smiled to her and seemed to be more happy and radiating than before, and how she loved her daughter even more than before she fell asleep. A tear rolled down from her right eye. Father looked more mysterious and wiser than ever, but he concealed his feelings – as fathers often do – and said nothing.


(The Second Dream of Adi)

Chapter 4

The Second Dream of Adi

Every heart is very busy playing and working

The day was beautiful as always. The Sun was shining brightly and seemed to be smiling – as if he knew the dreams of Adi and Praja – which they themselves had forgotten.



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