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Adi and Praja

Chapter 3

Issue 6: The first dream of Praja

Then he woke up again – because the magic clock tower had been a dream within a dream – and he was with his parents again. They smiled. The one said; “Well done, well done, Adi, I am proud of you.” The mother came with a cup of honey and a bowl of fruits. This you will need to restore your energy. You have been working hard.” Adi did not really understand why they said these things, because he had already forgotten the dream and felt that he had had a very sound sleep.


(The first dream of Praja: The Magic Watch)

Praja’s love for all hearts

Chapter 3

The first dream of Praja: The Magic Watch

Praja’s love for all hearts

While Adi was having his dream, Praja was having hers.

She found herself standing on a big table in a very big room. In fact it was a normal table in a normal room with chairs and a lamp and pictures on the walls. But Praja herself was very small, about one inch in size. At some distance before here she saw a tiny lady’s watch. It was only one millimeter and round, made of gold. The hands of the watch and the numbers on the watch were also made of gold. But the inside seemed to be made of tiny jewels in various colors. Immediately Praja fell in love with the watch – she had never seen one that was so beautiful and attractive, and she wanted to have it. She had forgotten everything else around her and as spellbound she walked to the watch. She bent over to the small object to have a closer look. It had twelve hours, but every hour had only 49 minutes. And while she herself became smaller and smaller, she stepped over the golden edge, and inside the watch. She was so small now that I can tell you honestly that in comparison everything in the tiny watch was to her as enormous as what Adi had seen in the huge clock tower. But of course in her dream she knew nothing of Adi and his dream – not even that someone else existed besides herself.

She understood nothing of what she saw. There was absolutely nothing inside the watch for what she had a name. But that did not bother her at all, because it was so beautiful. Moreover she found that she did not need to know everything because everything was already there, and she only had to put it in her heart to feel what all things feel. Also she saw not only the beginning, but at the same moment all other times that the watch could indicate between 2:30 and 9:30. She also saw the end of the dream (at 9:30, though it was 2:30 also for her, because it was all in one dream), and that there, at the end, she understood everything. So, at the same time she saw how everything was new and being built up and how it was accomplished. She saw all the crystal globes (which Adi had also seem by the end of his dream) at once, and how everything was changing continuously, how millions and billions and trillions of beings were working, growing, being happy, being sad, how many of them were born and died and were born again and died again and so on thousands and thousands of times. She also saw that all these beings, many of which existed only in the future, whether they were transparent and changing forms of all colors, or jelly balls, or lightning balls, or mountains of rock and stone, or water drops and seas, or fire sparks and fires or bacteria, or mushrooms, trees, worms, insects, crabs, sea urchins or lancet fish or sharks or fish or dinosaurs, birds, mammals, people or people-like gods – that all of them had a heart, and that all these hearts were connected with an intricate web of threads made of an electric-like fluid; and that all these hearts were connected with her own heart also. She also saw that all these hearts were there forever and that even when animals and plants and people and other creatures died, their hearts never died. That is because bodies, whether of plants or minerals or humans or animals grow old, and occasionally the hearts just leave the old bodies so that the atoms of these bodies get freedom to do their own things according to their own hearts and can take rest from serving the heart of the mineral or the plant or the animal or the human being. Thus the atoms regain the strengths to be part of new bodies in the future. In fact, instead of saying that someone dies, it would be better to say that he or she goes on a journey to a world which is invisible for normal human eyes. Hearts never get tired in near future, so they live on for a very very very long time in the future, and even then they only take sleep, but they never really die forever. Even the bodies of all these creatures do not really die, but they only seem to because they divide into millions of small particles called atoms – and the hearts of each of these atoms also never die. Actually, to speak properly, death does not really exist in the universe – death only seems to exist for human minds who are too stupid to understand philosophy.

And because hearts of bigger beings are always grateful to the hearts of the atoms who gave them their bodies, the atom-hearts are always automatically helped and happier by being a part of a body of someone or something.

Praja had an enormous, perhaps an infinite feeling of love for all the hearts. It did not matter what bodies the hearts had, plant bodies, insect bodies, human, and so on and so on bodies, or whether the bodies were beautiful or ugly – she loved them all without limit, because the very nature of Praja was love.

She had already seen that the beginning as well as the end of her dream of the magic watch, everything was very bright, very light, and that all hearts were very happy. And that all hearts wanted something. But in the middle of her dream it was all very different. The globes were no longer made of light-crystals, but became darker and darker, heavier and heavier, and instead of jewels some turned into semi-precious stone, than normal stone, and down in the very middle the globe that had once been made of ruby had now for a great part turned into iron, mostly rusty iron, giving it a red and dull yellow and brown color. Luckily even this globe – called Earth – was still adorned with green plants, some with colorful flowers that were really beautiful – as if to remind us that elsewhere in the universe much more and greater beauty exists. There were also dark blue and even green and red waters, a light-creamy yellow or orange sun, and a bright blue sky which sometimes turned pink or red or purple and different shades of blue and grey. Moreover a beautiful dance of living colors was performed at her top and also at her opposite pole, where the hearts of the beings entered her realm and left her again after some time.

Young Solar System

The transparency of the Earth globe had almost completely disappeared – but even in the darkest of its times, people would find, usually deep underground, the memories of better times in the form of diamonds, aquamarine, sapphire, amethyst, rubies and many more stones which they called “precious” because they were so rare and so beautiful. Many of these precious stones had formed geometric structures of crystal – and one can try to imagine what these crystals would be like when they still were newly crystallized light, fully alive. So even in the darkest times, people can see signs of hope – because in the future things will be just as in the past, and even better. The difference is that in the past the people were amazed but could not understand things really, but in the future people will understand the answer to their questions, and be more happy than ever before. Thinking of the far future can make you happy even now, because you can trust that one day everything will be better than it is now, and especially that people will be better and really honest and always helpful and really intelligent. Today we are very stupid compared to the future, when we will have fully trained our mind and manage to have friendly thoughts always for each other – even for stupid beings and people.

Praja’s attention was especially drawn to all these kinds of dark planet globes, and especially the Earth which we see around us (and of which many people think that it is the only Earth). These globes were the globes of pain: body pain, such as diseases, psycho pain (such as fear and anger and disgust and depression), mind pain, because of the confusion of the people’s minds, and because no other human being could be fully trusted, because always their minds were also at least a little bit confused or even extremely confused. And there was also spiritual pain, because many had forgotten that they had a heart (and therefore could not even feel that Praja loved them, and also did not know how to love other beings). When Praja was concentrating on this part of the history of the Earth she thought that this was hell, because for those who lived there that hell seemed to last forever, especially for those who could not or did not want to look or hear or feel or smell the beauty of the sky, the sun, the birds, the fishes and coral reefs, the flowers the insects and the crystals, or enjoy really good music. Those who pay attention to these things are at least much of their time happier than those who don’t. So you have better practice to love all these things – it will really help you in your whole life and even after you have died. Don’t worry about hell, because no hell of pain or despair or a gloomy mood lasts forever, but it may take much more time than we would like to, of course. If you can use your mind in the right way and follow the best feelings in your heart you can escape from most hells very quickly. And if you can’t, always remember that in the future everything will be better, wiser and happier. And your heart will live in that future – 100% sure.


(Every creature has feelings)

Praja felt great pity for all those creatures who lived in these dark places on the Earth and in the dark places in their own minds (if they had one) and dark places in their feelings. Praja felt

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