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Adi and Praja

Chapter 2

5: Crystals, Hearts and Eggs

Adi noticed that, when looking at each of them, most gave him a pleasant feeling, but some he did not really like. He didn’t know why. They must have brought their nature from where they came from – wherever that might be.


(Crystals, Hearts and Eggs)

A while ago, when Adi had stepped out of the elevator, at the very top of the crystal globe, all crystal was like the highest quality, a quality an earthly diamond can only dream of. Now the globe was almost ready. Its upper parts looked like the lightest, yet intensely blue sapphire made of light, or light made of sapphire. It was a brilliant bright blue, almost like divine aquamarine, a thousand times more brilliant even than a tropical sea on a clear day in the late afternoon, or as an autumn sky.  Moreover at that time there were many suns shining, not just one, as in our days. The middle part of that globe was like living crystal, what made it look rather like the surface of a living ocean. The lower part of the globe was made of a deeper blue color, as if it was made of darker blue sapphire, but a thousand times more shiny than ordinary blue sapphire. The sky was bright, living, not blue as our sky, but light green at the top, and gradually darker downwards. There was sound also: we can call it the music of the universe, of the spheres or globes that where now forming.

After this had happened, Adi, who at first was completely dumbfounded, had become aware of all the other beings around him. All the while, on the clock, one hour passed.

He also saw that that all beings were doing something different: all of them had a different task, at least a little bit different. Some were building the framework of the universe, others collected and connected the light-crystals and fixed them on their place – and everyone of them had enough freedom to move around as far as their consciousness of freedom stretched. Again others took care of streams of information connecting all parts of the globe with other globes in heaven. Again others were busy streamlining the feelings of the globe into which Adi was looking – because as the globe had a heart it also had feelings. In due time the globe would also have to get some sort of mind and instincts to keep itself in order and to maintain order and communication with younger and older globes, which were to be its brother and sister planets.

As not everything can be done at the same time, some had finished their work earlier than others. But they didn’t rest. Leaving behind what they did not need anymore they proceeded to build a second crystal globe. But this one was made of what you could compare with amethyst, purple, heavenly amethyst – clear, transparent amethyst – shining as brilliant as a hundred suns. Most other beings joined the first, their pioneers, and together they accomplished the building of the amethyst-light globe. The upper part was made of the lightest living purple, the middle part of moving, living, waving purple, the lowest part of the deepest purple. The sky was bright, living, light red, especially light in its upper parts, but deeper and darker below.

While all these living beings had been working, something had happened to Adi also. He had seen that all these beings had a heart, and that their hearts were all connected with the hearts of the crystal globes, but he also saw that none of them had a mind of their own. Still there was mind somewhere, perhaps hidden in the Heart of hearts in the middle of all globes which moved their hearts in such a way that they together build a very good crystalline structure, suitable for all beings who were living now, and for all beings living in the future in or on these crystal globes. But the myriads of beings themselves had no individual mind and did all their work automatically, like the minute printed chips in a computer – but with the difference that computer chips have no heart, whereas all living beings do, and feel happiness. Computers can do very difficult things, like making calculations which are faster and more complicated than anything even a human mind can do. They SEEM to be intelligent, sometimes seemingly much more intelligent than people, but that is only because they are programmed by humans. In reality they are even more stupid than a dead piece of wood, and they don’t have a heart and don’t have any feelings. Only the people, who work on the computer, and who build computers – they have a mind and often a good heart also.

In the world were Adi was now, inside the magical clock, everything had a heart, even the crystals or the particles of light of which it was build, but nothing and nobody had a original mind of itself. They also had some nerves or streams or channels of energy connected to their hearts, to keep in contact with each other and to coordinate their movements.

Then, were was the mind that seemed to guide all these living beings? Adi could really not see any being with a mind among them. Only he himself could think quite well, far better then all humans together even, but even that was by far not enough to build such a beautiful thing as what happened inside this magical clock. He asked the question, but their was in his dream no other intelligent being besides himself, so that meant that their was really no-one to whom he could ask the question. In this dream he could not find the answer to where that big mind was, or the architect of the clock – not yet realizing that he himself was that mind, or at least a part of it. Even though that was precisely what he wanted to know. For now he only saw all these millions and billions and trillions of beings who were the builders of the clock, but they were not the architects who had made the plan.

He had experienced another thing as well: he had looked at his own body, and is was round, like the other creatures where on average. He had no arms, no legs, no head even, but in upward direction he was taller than in forward or backward or sideways direction. He had a transparent skin, with which he could feel, taste, smell, see, hear and even more, and that in all directions. From thousands (or many more) of parts of his skin, thousands of fluid lines were running to and from his heart. Then he saw that from somewhere inside his body a small copy of his own body moved to his skin (taking a little part of it, without harming him in the least) and suddenly he was not alone anymore. He had a shape like a big transparent shining egg.  Then another small part of his body did the same, and another part, and so on thousands and millions and billions and many more times, but he himself remained equally big, and he did not suffer any pain from the process. All the other things were like small transparent eggs as well, each with their own heart. All these “eggs,” made of some kind of shining jelly-buds with skins, grew and became big in various sizes. It all happened in one minute. The strangest thing was that all these jelly egg-beings where outside his own body now, but because they all had something of his heart, he could feel the feelings in everyone’s heart.

The second minute the same thing happened, and the third minute again – and this went on for seven minutes. Now he discovered the most miraculous of all things: the seven groups of light-shining jelly-eggs had seven different colors: that means seven different hues of blue, because everything in this world was built of blue-crystal. And in the heart of each and everyone he saw one of his questions. They were all the questions he had had in the very beginning, when he had stepped out of the elevator. And they took his questions with them, and they “told” him through the feelings in his heart that they would never return before they had found the answers to themselves. Adi was very happy when he “heard” them tell that – or rather he “felt” them tell it in his own heart, because it meant that all were of the same adventurous nature as he himself was, and that they would never give up … never … before the question was answered. There was only one problem. For solving problems you need a mind, and though they could all think a tiny little bit along their own lines, this was not enough to find answers to difficult questions. And this was now the biggest question for Adi which nobody could yet answer. Not in this dream of Adi at least.

All the other beings, who were building the light-crystal globes with the same untiring dedication as white ants building their castle-mounts, had continued, and Adi, with all his copies of himself, could, after they had “walked” (or floated, or swam or flown or swirled) to every part of the sapphire globe, now stepped down to the place were the globe of light-amethyst had to be built and where the sky was red. The beings did the same work there. Other globes were also built, the one after the other, the one within the other or around the other. After the one of amethyst they made one of transparent orange colored light-crystals, like Padmaraja sapphire – Padmarajas mean ‘king of lotus flowers,’ but much brighter than any padmaraja sapphire you can ever see on our earth. The sky here was deep, bright, living violet, but the lightest violet at the top. The fourth sphere was red like ruby, and the deep sky blue in the middle and lighter blue around. The fifth globe was green like emerald below, but and indigo above, embedded in a violet sky – deep violet in its lowest parts, but just above that a bigger belt of lighter violet. The sixth became bright yellow like citrine or yellow topaz or yellow sapphire, but more intense and bright than any of these, while the sky was red – deep red like ruby in its lowest section, but the rest was must lighter red. The crystal material of the seventh was blue also, even deep blue at the very bottom, while most of it above the bottom was of a more spiritual nature than the blue of the first globe, ever brighter and brighter. It was so transparent that even Adi could hardly see the highest parts of it – and the sky was green, fading away into even higher skies and globes within these skies, but Adi could not see them from where he was now.

The sounds in this multidimensional space were and are indescribably, but still, let us try to compare it with any’thing’ we can understand in relation to earthly human ears. Every sphere had its own specific sound. First there was only one crystal sphere and one specific sound. At the end there were seven spheres each with its own specific sound, or music, or rather the essence of sound or music. It was thousands of times more subtle than any sound one can hear on earth. Each specific sound was subdivided into limitless variations, really limitless, because within the whole of eternity never exactly the same sound is ever repeated.

The best way to imagine these sounds is to listen to the sounds of nature, when and where birds are singing, insects buzzing, creeks babbling, raindrops falling, drops dropping, winds whispering, leaves rustling, thunders thundering and so many more – because these sounds are the very reflection on our planet of the divine sounds which Adi heard in his dream inside the light-crystal spheres.

Adi ‘heard’ (or did he feel them? – ‘perceive’ them?), among others, most fine, high pitched melodious sounds – one could compare it with the very essence of the tone of a flute – a divine flute which can only be perceived by heavenly sense organs. Endless were its variations, up and down, softer and louder, higher and lower than an ear can hear, intenser and softer, continuous or with silent spaces in between, immeasurable quick and slow, expressing an infinity of divine moods. Pitches could be ‘heard’ to be subdivided in ‘sub-septaves’ and these again in sub-sub-septaves. Some sounds seems to be calling, inviting almost, others seemed to want to express something about ‘God’ – if the very sound was not already God itself. Some of these specific, essential sounds are even on our planet (clumsily) represented by musical instruments, such as string sounds, trumpet sounds, kettle drum sounds, wood sounds, triangle sounds, air sounds, earth sounds, water sounds, even fire sounds we try to imitate, but certainly by the sounds of nature. Some sounds seem to call from and to another world, some seem to announce something, other carry memories, some carry hope and promise, some evoke the things which have still not awoken in human and even divine hearts. All sounds embodied beauty, nothing but beauty, because they had no minds (yet) to create ugliness. The sounds existed and came from all directions, not merely three directions, but multidimensional directions. Some have the nature to evoke devotion, others are awe-inspiring, some express power and the beauty of divine power. Again others asked for understanding even before creatures had a mind, some evoke compassion, others love, and all these heavenly, divine sounds were too soft and subtle for a human ear – but not for the depth of the human heart. It is the very divine beauty by which each of us, even today on our earth, is inspired to go on, to develop, to discover, to yearn for heaven and beauty and, beyond that, freedom. All these where clear in Adi’s consciousness.

Every sound had a soul, its own soul, or heart, and all souls or hearts are one in essence in The One Sound, and are related, ever connected in their diversity. To each existing being belonged an existing sound. You too are a sound.

After Adi and his fellow beings (by the way, should we call them his brothers and sisters, or his children?) had investigated all of the ‘amethyst’ globe, they went to the next, orange, globe and so on and so on. Most of them went on to took the same color and sound vibration as the globe were they were working now, but some remained behind on the blue sapphire globe. Some liked the amethyst the most, and so for each of the light-crystal globes. In fact all globes had all colors, but one was dominating so that the other colors appeared only within them, not apparent at first.

All this building by these lovely but mindless beings, and all the looking around by Adi and his large group of questions had taken ages and ages. Nobody had an idea how long it had taken. But on the clock it was now 3:30. The ones who had gone on from globe to globe noticed that on the first globe they had no weight. But on the amethyst globe they felt some heaviness – not much though – may be a being as big as an elephant would weigh only about one kg or two pounds. Stepping down to the orange and the ruby-red globe they became still heavier, so that finally they became as heavy as they were light and had to stay on the surface of the globe or sink deep inside it, or could fly above it only with great effort, and had to come down to the surface after some time because they were too tired to keep flying. Continuing up to the emerald and yellow-gem crystal globes they had felt that their lightness came back, and on the seventh completely transparent globe they were again weightless – and they felt that in the future they might even be less than weightless and would have to exert quite some effort to come down again.

Then suddenly Adi woke up within his dream – it was all a dream after all, an amazing dream, a beautiful dream, and he wished he could have many more such dreams.

He was standing on the square again, looked high up to the clock tower – of which he knew now that it was really magic. He became aware of the houses and streets around him, the city, and he was alone. Nothing had changed, but he felt that he was wiser than before. His infinite curiosity and longing for adventure had been aroused by all these magic experiences, and he could hardly wait till next time. And again he walked to the outer door of the tower, went through the inner doors and up in the elevator. When he stepped out he was at the same place as where he was before. But he was again dumbfounded, and felt he knew nothing. Everything was different. That is to say, it was the same, but he saw it different, because his desire was different from when he came on his first visit. And again he lived through myriads of adventures – and now all the creatures were desires who did their work of building worlds and experiencing experiences because they followed their desires, not just automatically as it had seemed at first. Their bodies were the same as before, but now Adi saw clearly that the form of their bodies was the form best fitted with their desires and to fulfill them. Their desires were still of such a spiritual nature at this stage that almost all had the most universal form: round, or almost round at least.

The process of exiting and entering the magic clock tower repeated itself several times, and every time was different. In between, when he was standing outside on the square and looking up to the tower, he did not remember the dream he had just dreamed – but he felt that it had been most awesome. However, within each dream visits inside the clock tower he remembered the former dreams.

Finally he woke up again really – because the magic clock tower had been a dream within a dream – and he was with his parents again. They smiled. The one said: “Well done, well done, Adi, I am proud of you.” The mother came with a cup of honey and a bowl of fruits. This you will need to restore your energy. You have been working hard.” Adi did not really understand why they said these things, because he had already forgotten the dream and only felt that he had had a very sound sleep.


Chapter 3

The first dream of Praja: The Magic Watch

Praja’s love for all hearts

While Adi was having his dream, Praja was having hers.

She found herself standing on a big table in a very big room. In fact it was a normal table in a normal room with chairs and a lamp and pictures on the walls. But Praja herself was very small, about one inch in size. …

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