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Adi and Praja

Chapter 2

Issue 4: The Magic Clock Tower

Now I will tell you some of these dreams – and these are lesson-dreams, actually training-dreams. Three dreams Adi had, and three dreams which Praja had. And, hold on – the dreams are sometimes eerie, and some are extremely frightening. Then you have better remember that they are only dreams (unless you are a hero).



 (The first dream of adi: the magic clock tower)



Chapter 2

 The first dream of Adi

 The Magic Clock Tower

Adi woke up in the middle of a big square in the middle of a city. There were houses and streets, but no people and no dogs, cats or any animal whatsoever. There were no sounds, because there was nobody and nothing to make sound. Straight before him he saw a tower. It was a very tall tower, reaching far above the houses. Near the very spire of the tower was a big clock. It was nearly 2.30 in the morning, but there was full daylight. It was not a normal clock though. Normal clocks have 60 minutes in an hour. This clock had only 49 minutes in an hour. Perhaps such clocks exist only in dreams, and Adi was dreaming, as we know. It had numbers for 12 hours, but the short hand turned around only once a day, and not at night as normal clocks do, because there was no night. Only day existed for Adi, and the night was outside the light. Actually the light had come out of the darkness of night, and now had banned it to much farther away in space.

Looking up at the clock he could see that behind the hands of the clock there were elaborate technical structures. The structures seemed to exists of blue crystal things. Adi was fascinated. Because his very name and nature was Adventure he could not keep his eyes and his thoughts and his fantasies away from the clock. Things seemed to move inside – though he was not really sure, because the clock was very high up on the very high tower. He also thought that he heard sounds, like when you are hearing people from very far away who are building something. But also of the sound he was not sure. Perhaps it was just his fantasy, when he was standing their alone, down on the empty square. The city and the streets had disappeared and he was standing in the middle of Nowhere (or in the middle of Everywhere – that is the same). He saw only the tower and the clock. He walked to the tower. There was a door. He opened the door and saw another door. When he opened this door there was again a door. When he looked back the door behind him had disappeared. He could not go back, even if he wanted to. He could have become very afraid: only doors, and a next door, and a next door, and no way back. But Adi was a hero, so he was not afraid. In the mind of a real hero, being afraid does not even occur for a second. The final door was the door of an elevator. He went into the elevator, and its door closed behind him and disappeared. There was nothing inside. Only silence – deep silence. Then he saw a button. Next to the button was a sign. It said: “Up to Clock.” There where no other buttons. Not even a button saying “Down to Exit.” Their was now no other way than ‘Up.” So he pressed that button. Immediately the elevator rose up like a rocket. It went up with a speed that no human being can imagine – because it was always faster than what you can imagine.

After a time – a long time or a short time, he did not know, the elevator came to a sudden standstill. Everything had been completely silent all the time. Now there was a door on the other side of the elevator, and he opened it and stepped out.

From that moment he did not know anything anymore – because everything around him was incomprehensible. He did not know where he was. 

He also didnot know who he was. He did not even know if  he was at all.

Around him was a kind of globe which came from a world that had more than three dimensions. Dimensions means, that something is high and long and deep at the same time. Like everything you see everyday. But this globe came from a world of even more than three dimensions – and because we can not imagine such a world, we really know nothing when we come to such a world. Anyway, this is a very difficult subject, and let us not discuss it, because we can not understand it anyway. At this moment we only understand that we don’t understand it. Now I will try to describe in human words what Adi saw.

Around him was a globe entirely made of crystal. Or was it made if light? Or crystallized light? It was like transparent, almost invisible with no color that has a name, and at the same time it seemed to have all colors. He could not answer that question. But that did not matter because there was no-one to ask questions, except he himself. One thing he saw for sure: deep down in the middle of the light-crystal globe he saw its heart – and he loved it. Also he heard sound, almost inaudible, but very clear and beautiful. And the color of the sky was above all colors – for our eyes it would be black. Looking above him he saw stars, and they were all singing together. Some stars appeared alone, others were two together. Or three, sometimes even seven or twelve, forming singing chains of light in heaven.

As just said, he knew nothing, and he was alone, so he was himself every possible question in the whole universe, and all questions would have to be answered before he would know who he was, even whether he was, whether he had a name, or more than one name, or no name at all.

And because he knew nothing, and his nature was Adventure, he got the desire to know everything. And that is where it all started. As soon as his desire to know everything had arisen, it became a Passion. The whole nature of Adventure Boy became passion. And as soon as his passion to experience adventures had started he began to see a lot of things, very many things, more than anyone can count. He saw thousands and millions and billions and trillions of beings. They were all more or less round, or oval, some stretching upward, some forward, some staying on one place, other moving, again others were floating. He counted six different classes of different beings – but none of them were like people and none of them could really think. Their bodies – if you could call them bodies – where made of the same light crystal as everything around him, and were fully transparent, and therefore almost invisible. And they all had a heart. And from each heart came a vibrating line of light connecting it with the heart of the whole crystal globe. And they all felt a little bit of the passion of Adi. They all wanted something and therefore they had started building a world, a planet – because the planet did not exist yet at that time in Adi’s dream.

Adi noticed that, when looking at each of them, most gave him a pleasant feeling, but some he did not really like. He didn’t know why. They must have brought their nature from where they came from – wherever that might be.


 (Crystals, Hearts and Eggs)

 A while ago, when Adi had stepped out of the elevator, at the very top of the crystal globe.


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