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Adi and Praja

Chapter 1

Issue 3: Learning to become people

Now they had a duty – they had work to do, and the days of “going wherever the Heart desires” were over. They could no longer see all that they could see before – but they felt proud that they had been called for this new life, and they were sure they had taken the right decision. They also knew that the work they were going to do wouldn’t be easy. They might even “die” while doing their work which was sometimes very dangerous. But of course they hardly understood what “to die” meant – they had not done it for scores of thousands of years. In fact, when they had died, in the far past, they had always survived death itself – otherwise they could not have been here now.



(learning to become people)

Learning to become people

Adi-Fire, and at the same time Praja-Fire somewhere else (because they did not see or know each other at that time), immediately became the pupils of their Parents of Fire, because having no meat-body they did not have to be children first. They were not educated as we are. There was no need to learn to use their body – to creep, to stand up, to try to walk, and to talk, and to drink and eat, and there were no schools. Also they were no other children to play with.

So what happened?

They had to learn all the best things that people have to learn with their mind, not with their body. People often are not very good in these things. Without a meat-body it was much easier to think clearly and at the same time remember their Heart all the time. It was their task, their Parents told them, to become people one day, with real meat-bodies, but at the same time never to forget their Heart. Of course they knew that in reality they were only their Heart, and that the meat-body and the weird ways in which earth people “think” are only a training ground. Yes, the life of people on earth was like a school where people were trained to become Real people, Good people. And people can only become Good people by being “bad people” first, because good and bad are relative, they can not exist without each other. That means that practically every “bad”, boy, girl, woman, man, person will in future become a Good person.

Now it was the task of Adi-Fire and Praja-Fire to become teachers and helpers for all “bad” or half-good people to become Real Good People. Of course they knew that they could only become teachers and supporters for them, because all the “bad,” that is, rather the stupid, people could only become good people and Real People by themselves, by there own effort. A teacher can only teach, and explain things, and show in his or her own life how good people live. Teachers are not allowed to do the homework for their pupils. Well, of course, he could do their homework, but then the pupils will learn nothing – they will never understand anything by themselves.

So, as just said, after many years of training by their Fire-Parents, it would become the task of Adi-Fire and Praja-Fire to become human teachers, to become like people (sometimes even like stupid people, but at the same time never forgetting their heart.) For that purpose one of them had to become a boy, and the other had to become a girl on Earth, after their training. The boy would become an adventurer – because only then could he go into all situations and learn to understand all the pain and pleasure, and all the problems of the people on Earth. Then only he would be able to give them good advice, teach them and touch the secret places inside the people’s Hearts.

Many people do not even know that they have a heart (apart from that thing that pumps blood), and if that secret place inside wants to speak, they become afraid, and such people will do the craziest things, like playing loud music, drinking alcohol and spending many hours doing unreal computer games. In this way they try to shout louder that the silent voice inside their heart, but the silent voice is always stronger than loud voices, and therefore they feel increasingly unhappy. Better if they listened to their Heart from the very beginning ! It will win anyway, soon, or later, or much later.

Do you have a Heart with secret places? Good places (which other people might call bad places)? Don’t be afraid of your secret places. Only heroes become Real Good People. And heroes are never afraid. Or, maybe heroes are afraid also, but despite their being afraid they listen to the secret places in their Heart, and do what other people do not dare to do. Hearts never die.  Even heroes do computer games, look TV and do other things, but not always, only occasionally.

The girl would also be adventurous, but more with her feelings than with her body and mind. She would follow the boy in his adventures, but she would behave wise and calm – she would look and understand, and then smile, and the people around her would understand her Heart, because she would be infinitely lovely and innocent.

So what was the training which Praja-Fire and Adi-Fire had to do? It was DREAMS. Adi-Fire and Praja-Fire did not have meat-bodies, so they did not have to sleep. They could be awake and dream at the same time, but for these lessons they had to concentrate completely on their dreams, so for training reasons they could not be awake at the same time. After the dream, as soon as they would wake up, they would almost immediately forget their dreams. But some memory deep inside did not forget anything and would remember every lesson in its utmost detail. Only while awake they would not remember. Actually, without their knowing, the dreams were presented to them by their “parents,” but they themselves had to do the dreaming. And some of the dream-lessons were terribly difficult, sometimes horrifying.

First I must explain you what dreams actually are. Many people say that dreams are nonsense, and not true. Well, when you are in the dream, all what happens to you is true. It is true in your own dreaming mind. I think you have had many dreams in your life. Do you remember a few of them? Tell a dream you remember now to yourself. Does the dream mean anything, or nothing at all? Or partly something and partly nothing?

In some dreams you are afraid, perhaps, sometimes, because you are not yet a hero. Do you want to be a hero? In dreams you can do things you would really want to do, but never can do while awake. Like fly. Everyone has dreams every night, but most don’t remember. And if you remember when you wake up, you usually have forgotten after a minute or two. Unless you record immediately before getting up what you dreamt, or write it down. Sometimes in dreams you find the answer to a question that you could not answer before you went to sleep. It happens, not very often, but it does happen sometimes, that dreams show something that is going to happen in the future – maybe the next day, or next week, or next month, or many years later. Most rare are dreams in which you meet a friend and have a talk and do something together, and then, when you wake up, both of you remember what you have talked and done together. I have never had such a dream, but it can happen. A lot of training is needed for that. There are also dreams that are very, very rare. They are the dreams that parents have when very special children have decided to be born from them. Of course they are not yet children when they take that decision, but are hearts which want to be born to help people living on earth. When such hearts enter the womb of their mother, this mother dreams very beautiful and powerful things, such as extremely beautiful white bulls or white elephants entering their body. This is because of the great and lovely and wonderful power that such hearts have within them. Such mothers become very happy. But this happens only once in perhaps hundreds or thousands of years. I know this only because I have read about it in ancient books, but I have never met someone who had such dreams. Then, also very seldom, are dreams which teachers give to their pupils – not school teachers, only Light teachers can do that. And that is what happened with Adi and Praja. Their dreams were given to them by their “Parents” which were also their teachers.

In their own world, before they had met their “Parents” the only feeling they had was Happiness. Since the moment they had been with their Parents they had had a few new feelings. One feeling was that they were aware of themselves. Another was that of respect for their Parents. A third feeling was duty: they knew that they had been called by the Parents to do something. These were all very pleasant feelings. Their shapes were no longer round, but were standing upright, like their Parents.

But now, for their training, their Parents were going to give them also unpleasant feelings. They were given fear, passion and pain. These feelings were not real, they only existed in their dreams and when the dreams were over, fear, passion and pain where also gone.

Now I will tell you some of these dreams – and these are lesson-dreams, actually training-dreams. Three dreams Adi had, and three dreams which Praja had. And, hold on – the dreams are sometimes eerie, and some are extremely frightening. Then you have better remember that they are only dreams (unless you are a hero).


Chapter 2

The first dream of Adi: The Magic Clock Tower

Adi woke up in the middle of a big square in the middle of a city.  …

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