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Adi and Praja

Chapter 1

Issue 2: Meeting their parents

Adi and Praja (not yet having these names) where looking at the beautiful but heavy blue planet Earth, of which one half was always completely dark.


(meeting their Parents)

But even though it felt heavy, both of them wanted to go there. As if they must go there. The feeling-side of the vision was a feeling like “I want to know,”  “I want to experience,” but also they felt a feeling of “pity” as if they were called to help someone who was in trouble. It was a new feeling in their happy hearts, because in their own world everyone was only happy, and nobody needed to help someone else and darkness did not exist because everything was made of light.

The feeling did not disappear. It became only stronger. Then, deep down in the air of the blue planet, floating far above the ground, above the birds even, they saw two beings made of the same light as they themselves, but even more brilliant, like bright fire, and with very great force coming from them. I don’t know whether Adi and Praja saw the same beings. But what they saw was equally bright and forceful.

Then again something happened that they did not remember ever to have happened in their world. There was a vibration going through space. Something they could feel or hear, perhaps it had even some smell. It was something that on Earth is unknown and therefore I can not write or say what kind of something it was. This “something” seemed to come from those two beings floating in the air. Above the earth. And the two happy hearts looking down felt a feeling: “Come, come ! We love each other … come come … we need your help … your time has come … your task is great … come to Earth …

A great feeling arose in the two happy hearts – and both of them saw, felt and heard their own two beings down below. They felt great awe for these beings, and at the same time wanted to help – they did not know who or what, but felt it deep in their hearts, deep in their happiness.

They saw that the two beings of their vision had bodies of fire and where standing upright, had two legs and two arms (that is, at least two arms – they could not be sure) and a head surrounded by a radiating light. They were not men and not women, nor the one and the other at the same time. From the hearts of these beings a oval ball of pinkish light stretched in each other’s direction. They looked each other deep in the eyes with an enormous love – and with an enormous will which came automatically because of their love. A stream of light beamed from the middle of their foreheads to each other.

The two Hearts we gave the name Adi and Praja (though in reality they had no names yet, because they had no bodies) who were looking (or listening, or smelling or feeling) to what happened and they seemed to be drawn down. They became drowsy while falling down, but without being afraid. Then they lost consciousness – like falling asleep, something they hadn’t done in the last few million years.

When they woke up they were inside the ‘clouds of fire’ And these clouds looked like human bodies, but made of light or fire that is completely invisible for human eyes. The light just was too beautiful for normal human eyes to see. Only very pure and good human beings can see it, but such humans are very rare in our present time.

Both of them were completely alone. One was filled with the Heart of Adi-before-he-was-born; the other was filled with the Heart of Praja-before-she-was-born. They were not even ‘he’ and ‘she’ because a Heart can only become ‘he’ or ‘she’ when it goes into a body made of meat or plant material – that means into a human body or an animal’s body or a plant body. But their bodies where only made of a cloud of Fire.

So at that time Adi-Fire was there, and Praja-Fire was there, but they did not know each other, nor could they see each other. For Adi-Fire, Praja-Fire did not exist, and for Praja-Fire, Adi-Fire did not exist. Moreover they were no children, but they were no grow-ups either. It is difficult to describe. Also they were not a man, and not a women, but something of both, or neither.

As soon as they became conscious they were welcomed by their Fire-parents, and so much warmth came from the heart of the parents that they immediately felt welcome, and safe, and they loved to live in this new world.

Now they had a duty – they had work to do, and the days of “going wherever the Heart desires” were over. They could no longer see all that they could see before – but they felt proud that they had been called for this new life, and they were sure they had taken the right decision. They also knew that the work they were going to do wouldn’t be easy. They might even “die” while doing their work which was sometimes very dangerous. But of course they hardly understood what “to die” meant – they had not done it for scores of thousands of years. In fact, when they had died, in the far past, they had always survived death itself – otherwise they could not have been here now.


(learning to become people)

Learning to become people

Adi-Fire, and at the same time Praja-Fire somewhere else (because they did not see or know each other at that time), immediately became the pupils of their Parents of Fire, because having no meat-body they did not have to be children first. …


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