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Adi and Praja

Chapter 1

Issue 1: Introducing Adi and Praja


(introducing Adi and Praja)

Adi and Praja

There was a boy whose name was Adventure Boy. He was seven years old – even though it seemed that he had just been born. There was also a girl, and her name was Praja. She was also seven years old. Actually, both had been born only a very short time ago. On a day, they were suddenly there, and they themselves did not know how. Adi – as Praja called him, because she found his real name far too long (and too difficult) did not know whether Praja came from the same family as he or just any family, because they had no family as far as they knew. They were just there together, and nobody else, and immediately they became friends.

Another thing they did not know was where they were born. They knew that they were on a round planet – just as there were uncountable round planets in the universe. They also knew that this planet was the “Earth,” though they did not know how they knew this. They loved this round planet, and looking around it seemed to be without end on all sides. Whether they looked into the direction where the sun came from in the morning, or where it disappeared in the evening, or any other direction – there was no end, and they could see that the earth was round.

The parents of Adi and Praja

I had just told you that Adi and Praja were just there, somewhere on the Earth, alone, and were born when they were seven – they had never been babies. Therefore they did not remember anything of when they were six, of five, or four, or smaller. They did not remember Kindergarten, because they had never been there, and no other girls and boys. They also did not remember families made of parents and children. Nothing of all this. Still they remembered “something.” They did not actually “remember,” but they “knew” that it had happened.

What had happened? Now they were seven, but they knew something of long before seven years, long before they would have been zero even. Then they had no bodies – they were just hearts surrounded by a fiery light. They had no names and they did not know each other either. Each went wherever their heart wanted to go, without the slightest effort. They could fly without wings, and they could never fall or hurt themselves. They were completely weightless. They could go to other stars and planets in less than a second if they wanted. But most of the time they were among their friends – who were all very kind and completely Happy. They were playing without ever getting tired, and could do whatever play they wanted by only thinking of it. They could change their own “bodies” into every color and shape immediately if they only thought about it. These where no real bodies as we have, made of flesh and bones and hand and feet and a nose and so on. Their bodies were made of flaming light. It is a different light than we know on our Earth, different from sunlight or television light or tube light. We can not see it with our eyes, because with our eyes we can look only at bodies of people and animals and plants, and therefore we do not yet “see” the invisible light. 

Once Adi and Praja – that is to say, two Hearts surrounded by fire who knew each other since many millions of years and even before the Earth herself was born – had a vision. They had no names yet, because they had no fixed bodies, and only bodies get names. You could have called them by any name. They were no boy or girl either. But they had a vision, or some kind of a feeling. Both Adi and Praja (or whatever name you would like to give them) saw a blue planet. It was far away, but they came closer. The planet was beautiful to see, but it was also a little bit eerie, as if ghosts might be living there. In their own world there were no ghosts. The planet they saw, or felt, was thick dark blue, and they felt it was “heavy”, though “heavy” also did not exist in their world – at least as far as they knew.

Still they noticed that some parts were brighter and other parts darker. Some spots were so dark that the darkness was darker than the light was light. Other places, though they were very bright and were much brighter than the dark was dark. Now they saw that most parts of the earth were blue, but large parts were white, and other parts were green, red, grey or yellowish, and scattered spots were as white as the full moon.

A lot must be happening down there. Often they saw snake-like beings, and some were dozens of meters long, others had a length of hundreds of miles, and their bodies seemed to be made of fire in many different colors. They had paws and claws also, some had wings and heads with fiery eyes, and from their mouths jumped a tongue of flames. They seemed to be intelligent fire snakes, because they seemed to know precisely where to go, flashing along the sky, sometimes to the ground, and sometimes up, out of the sky beyond were Adi and Praja (if they would have had names) were.

Because they were so long and fiery and speedy every human being would have been afraid when seeing them, and people would call them monsters. But around Adi and Praja there were no humans, and they themselves also were no humans. But (and perhaps we are lucky) we humans like you and the writer of this book, who are living on Earth can not see them nowadays – that is to say, people can see flashes between the clouds and from the sky to the earth and from the earth to the other, often meeting each other while making a lot of noise. But Adi and Praja saw clearly that they were living beings, and not monsters. Actually they were wise and kind and their work was to transport thoughts and powers between different parts of the sky, and between the earth and the heaven, and to keep the whole planet in balance. What they also saw that some of them shot up from the body of the Earth (or perhaps even from her heart) at places on her skin that were extraordinarily bright. They shot up straight through the sky and into heaven and they knew perfectly where to go – and were received happily and with honor in heaven. They carried important messages up and down between heaven and the bright spots on the earth, and delivered answer messages to where the question came from. To say it even clearer: at such moments there was no difference between heaven and the bright spots on earth.

As I said, people can not really see these beings – that is to say, in our world of the 21st century they can not really see them, only the flashes of light. But in the past and in the far future they could. That is why there are stories about them, very old stories, so old that nobody knows who was the first person who had seen them with his own eyes had told the stories to those who could not see them. Old stories. And people called these creatures dragons. These stories are told EVERYWHERE in the world – even though most people do not really believe these stories. Only children believe the stories, most adults don’t, and even some children don’t believe them, or are in doubt.

But if you ever are in China you will see that thousands, even millions of dragons have been painted everywhere, especially on holy places and in palaces. People believe that in ancient times the emperors of China where Dragons in a human body. Nobody, not even in China, can see real dragons now. But at some places in the desert where there are old caves, some say that dragons were seen flying around not so long ago, perhaps no more than a thousand years.

This story about fiery snakes and dragons was just a side road in the story of the book, a diversion, to let you understand something of what Adi and Praja were seeing before they were born. We will now return to where we were.



(meeting their Parents)

Adi and Praja (not yet having these names) where looking at the beautiful but heavy blue planet Earth, of which one half was always completely dark.


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