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Adi & Praja – Preface

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Adi and Praja





Adi and Praja

One day the not-yet author was in the mountains somewhere on earth on his way on a narrow trail towards a small Buddhist holy place. The hillside was really steep and forested. It was pure nature and majestic. The walk was quite a distance, and half way he got a bit tired and decided to sit for a while. That wasn’t easy on the steep mountain side, but he found a place where he could lean back against a tree trunk, his feet up. Once sitting there, half upside down, it was quiet comfortable. That is where it all started. He happened to have a notebook in his bag, took it out and started to write. He sat there for I don’t know how long, maybe an hour or two, before he went on walking.

Next day he went to small hotel room some tens of miles from that place, situated on top of a hill. He himself had no idea of what he was going to write, what would be the subject of the book, and how it would develop. The only thing was that some boy of about 15 in another country had asked him ‘Why don’t you write a book for children?’ And he kept that in mind.

Due to the situation he found himself in, he was traveling a lot to various countries, and was often staying in quiet places in nature or small villages for months, and had enough opportunity to dedicate his time to writing down what came to his mind.

Naturally the story is a reflection of the studies and life-experiences of the author throughout many years, and thus contains many real elements. But as a whole the story is a fantasy which could be true, and is true in the authors mind. It is not always, or not even very often, what really happened in his life. It is rather what can happen in his mind and in the minds and real lives of adventurous people in general. Perhaps you are own of such people, or you are not, but like to listen to adventurous stories. You need a certain portion of intelligence, and sometimes you must have the courage to bear shocks. At other times you will find yourself in quiet and happy surroundings. The stories are about children, old people and middle-aged people, and about nature, about cities and villages, about long travels and about staying on the same place. They also touch on many subjects that touch everyone’s life, and deep inner questions and philosophy of strange cultures. It’s sometimes also about science, sometimes about invisible beings, about gods and mysteries and about the secrets of gods which no human knows. Some questions are so deep that you didn’t even realize so far that such questions existed, and they may really help you. And sometimes they may scare you. This book is for heroes, adventurers and thinkers. Are you at least one of them, or perhaps all three? And therefore it may really help you to understand life better. You are only expected to be open, to think for yourself – never to blindly belief what others say, or even what the writer writes. But you may remember that the writer is a very serious person. You will yourself find out what you like and what you don’t like, and you may even get your parents interested.

The place of action is the whole world and even further, and the types of people are all kinds of people. Later the book becomes more difficult than it is in the beginning, more serious, and more mysterious. If you take the effort to continue, you will learn a lot.

So now please, start reading. It’s free and you may share it with anyone and everyone.

It is an ebook, and every week or so a next issue will be added, and if you come in later, you can start from the very beginning and read right through to the point where we are.

I wish you a lot of joy, wisdom and strength.

Best regards,

Me, the author

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