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The Secret Mountain and Other Tales – Ebook

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The Secret Mountain and Other Tales



Kenneth Morris

Kenneth Morris The Secret Mountain and Other Tales

Kenneth Morris


This book, The Secret Mountain and Others Tales is a selection of ten stories by Kenneth Morris. The Welsh Theosophical poet and writer Kenneth Vennor Morris, or Cennyd Morus to use the Welsh form of his name, was born on July 31, 1879 in Wales. He went to London in 1887 for a thorough English classical education. In 1895 he acquired the degree of Senior Deputy Grecian. When he was eighteen he joined a group of the most prominent Irish thinkers and authors of these days in  Dublin.  …….

For more see a short life description of Kenneth Morris and his works HERE.

His works were published in the magazines The Crusader, Universal Brotherhood Path, The International Theosophist (Dublin), The International Theosophical Chronicle (London), The Century Path (Point Loma, California), The Theosophical Path and other Theosophical publications.

List of Publications:

The Fates of the Princes of Dyfed, 1914, 1978 (also online)

The Secret Mountain and Other Tales, 1926 (online on this website)

Book of the Three Dragons, 1930 (2 Vols.) 1978 (Arno Press), 2004

Golden Threads through the Tapestry of History, Point Loma Publications, 1975

The Crest Wave of Evolution, Serialized in The Theosophical Path in 27 Chapters from
March, 1919 through July, 1921.

Through Dragon Eyes, 1980

The Chalchiuhite Dragon, A Tale of Toltec Times, 1992 (also online):

The Dragon Path: The Collected Tales of Kenneth Morris, 1995 – Tor Books


The Dailytheosophy.net website will in due time also republish some of his poems and short articles.


E-book by chapter:


1 The Secret Mountain and information pages

2 Red-Peach-Blossom Inlet

3 The Last Adventure of Don Quixote

4 Sion ap Siencyn

5 The Rose and the Cup

6 Daffodil

7 The King and the Three Ascetics

8 The Saint and the Forest Gods

9 The Divina Commedia of Evan Leyshon

10 The Apples of Knowledge and last pages


 [NB. I have made a Glossary to some of the personal and geographical names used in

The Secret Mountain and Other Tales. Click in the word ‘Glossary‘]