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The Secret Mountain and Other Tales

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Kenneth Morris


The Secret Mountain and Other Tales is a selection made by the author, Kenneth Vennor Morris, of 10 mystical stories out of 28 which he composed during his first years in Point Loma. They were published in book form in 1926. These wonderful jewels of literature are retold by Morris from various cultural sources and from a diversity of countries, recent and ancient. They play in Babylon, China, Spain, Arabia, India, Wales, and Egypt, and even in the heavens above the Earth. We will post these ten stories one by one in the coming few months.

These ten stories are:

The Secret Mountain

Red-Peach-Blossom Inlet

The Last Adventure of Don Quixote

Sion ap Siencyn

The Rose and the Cup


The King and the Three Ascetics or The Tower of the Gandharvas

The Saint and the Forest-Gods

The Divina Commedia of Evan Leyshon

The Apples of Knowledge

 [NB. I have made a Glossary to some of the personal and geographical names used in

The Secret Mountain and Other Tales. Click in the word ‘Glossary‘]

We just wish that you enjoy them and that your spiritual intuition may recognize their value and be strengthened by it.

Here below are the pages of the book before the beginning of the stories:


Page 001 pages before main text1


Page 002 pages before main text2-1


Page 003 pages before main text3-1


Page 004 pages before main text3-2



page 005 pages before main text4-1