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An asterisk (*) preceding a Sanskṛt word herein means ‘derived from the verbal root …’



Uchchhaiḥśravā The white horse produced by the gods at the churning of the ocean (see Ananta). He became the steed of Indra (q.v.), and is regarded as the model horse, ‘the king of horses.’ (m. neighing aloud. Bh.G. 74)

Uragas A class of semi-divine serpents, usually associated with the Nāgas (q.v.) and represented as a serpent with a human face. W. Q. Judge comments “it must refer to the great Masters of Wisdom, who were often called Serpents.” (Bh.G. 80) (m. breast-going, i.e., a serpent.)

Uśanas An ancient sage and prophet-seer, descendant of the Kavyas or Kāvyas. (Also the name of the planet Venus and its regent.) (Bh.G. 76)

Uṣmapas A class of semi-divine beings, associated with the Pitṛs (q.v.). (from uṣma, heat, vapor, steam. Bh.G. 81)

Uttamaujas A warrior on the side of the Pāṇḍavas. (m. of excellent valor. Bh.G. 2)