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The Voice of the Silence – Glossary – R

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The Voice of the Silence

The Voice of the Silence



Rahat – B. [III 6]

The Singalese word for Arhat.

Rathapāla (Sk.) B. [II 11]

One of the priests who is said to have accompanied the Buddha on his journey to Devaloka (a kind of mythical paradise). See S. Hardy, M.B., p. 313.

Rathapāla Sūtrasanne – B.

A text (Sūtra) together with a commentary-glossary (Sanne) narrating the legend of Rathapāla. For the episode of the encounter of Rathapāla with his father whom he treats as a “householder” when the latter tries to tempt him with material goods and to keep him in his old home, see S. Hardy, E.M., p. 38 and 60.

Red Caps – B.

The Tibetan word for Red-Cap is Sha-Mar (from sha: a headgear and mar: red). This title has often been given non-specifically to the monks of the non-reformed Schools (or those partly reformed) – the Sakyapa, Karmapa, Kagyudpa, etc. and, above all, to those of the Nyingmapa, the oldest sect founded by Padmasambhava, the magician-yogī of the 8th century C.E. There is no necessary identity between the words Shamar and Dugpa.