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The Voice of the Silence – Glossary – I

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The Voice of the Silence

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Iddhi (Pāli) B. [I 1]

A word corresponding to the Sanskrit ṛddhi: prosperity, success. It is that which constitutes the power of an excellent being, hence his power is – temporal or magical. In Buddhism a distinction is made between 1) the inferior Iddhi, the various sorts of psychic powers (Iddhividhā), such as to render oneself invisible, to project one’s image to a great distance, to walk on water, etc., the Buddhist rule forbidding to demonstrate these powers in public. 2) The higher Iddhi or Ariyā Iddhi (the Noble Power) of him who has complete control over his psycho-mental sphere.

Indra (Sk.) H. [Fragment 3]

The God of Heaven and the master of the other gods or devas.