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The Voice of the Silence – Glossary – G

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The Voice of the Silence

<The Voice of the Silence



Gelugpa [dGelugs-pa] (Tib.) B. [III 12]

It is the “School of the Virtuous,” founded by the great reformer of Lamaism, Tsong-Kha-Pa (1357-1419). This order, called the “Yellow-caps” (In the West, also known as the “Yellow Church”) exercized the spiritual and worldly domination in Tibet until the Chinese invasion of the country.

God – Th. [III 31; all Fragments]

In the Voice the gods are indicated by the Sanskrit term Deva. In the singular: the silent, inner God is the higher Self; the complete unity therewith makes of an initiate a God.

Gotrabhūāna (Sk.) B. [III 1]

The spiritual knowledge (Jñāna) of him who has become (bhū) an integral part of the clan of the Buddhist family (gotra): the complete wisdom of maturity, for a disciple of the Noble Path.

Guru (Sk.) H. [I 1, 20; Preface]

Venerable, respected; hence the application of the word to the parents and especially to one’s spiritual master who will lead the disciple to his second birth.