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The Voice of the Silence – Glossary – C

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The Voice of the Silence

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Chamber [I 23]

The secret chamber of the Heart means the “mystic space” (Sk.: Ākāśa, or vyoman) where “the Self resides”, the Anāhata Chakra (the Chakra or lotus of the heart). See Brahmapura.

Chela H. [I 4, 38, III 27]

A Hindu word related with the Sanskrit Cheta or Cheda (= servant, slave). It is the disciple being in the service of a spiritual teacher. In classical Sanskrit: Śiṣya (cf.: Bhagavad-Gītā I, 3 – II, 7).

Chi [ji] (Ch.) B.

The second of the Four Noble Truths. See Samudaya.

Chiao men [Jiao men] (Ch.) B. (II 1]

(Spelled Kiau-men in the Voice, after J. Edkins, C.B., p. 158). The established religion (exoteric). See also Tsung-men.