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Secondary Theosophical Literature

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All works written by other Theosophists than those mentioned under Fundamental Theosophical Literature are included under this section on Secondary Theosophical Literature. Here we have brought together a limited number of less known or less easily available works, with the intention to gradually extend this category. For the rest will just present links to existing websites.

The first we choose is a small book by a Dutch author/poet, known as de Magische Sleutel (“The magical key”) which as far as we know does not exist in English translation:

De magische Sleutel – door P.L. Grim

Other works online and edited for Daily Theosophy:

Gods and heroes of the Bhagavad Gita – by Geoffrey Barborka

Alphabetic Glossary to The Voice of the Silence – composed by a French Student in Theosophy (in English)

Die Stimme der Stille – Glossar (in German/Deutsch)