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From the Mahātmas

This page refers to all known letters by the Mahātmas Kut Humi Lal Singh and Morya to various recipients. The last known letter was to Annie Besant in 1900.

(Under this section you can find works About the Mahātmas)


Letters From The Masters Of The Wisdom 1881-1888. (Volume One)  Transcribed and Compiled by C. Jinarajadasa. 1919.  See limited preview of later edition. Volume Both volumes are available on CD-Rom, see:  Letters from the Masters of Wisdom, Series 1& 2 on CD-ROM.

The Early Teachings of the Masters 1881-1883, Edited by C. Jinarajadasa, 1923, The Theosophy Library

The Great Master’s Letter, Lucifer, 1896, Theosophy Trust – HERMES Library

Mrs. Holloway and the Mahatmas: Mahatma Letters to and about Mrs.Laura C. Holloway, Collected and arranged by Daniel H. Caldwell, Blavatsky Study Center

KH Letter to Miss Francesca Arundale, with comments by DH Caldwell and AP Sinnett, Blavatsky Archives

KH Letter to Mrs Laura C Holloway, Blavatsky Archives

Last KH-Letter: to Annie Besant (from Eclectic Theosophist, 1987). Comments on this Letter: Communications Problem (from Theosophical Notes, 1952, edited by Victor Endersby), Katinka Hesselink Net

The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett from the Mahatmas M. & K. H., Transcribed, Compiled, and with an Introduction by A. T. Barker, 2nd Edition, 1926, The Theosophical University Press Online Edition

Some Commentaries on [H. P. B.’s Esoteric] Instructions I and II, by K. H., Blavatsky Study Center

A Tibetan Initiate on World Problems, (by KH), in “The Occult World”, 1883, Blavatsky Pamphlet no. 6, HPB Library, The Theosophy Library

View on the Chohan on the TS: Several good reasons given to KH by the Chohan why the TS should be a Brotherhood of Humanity, reprint from Combined Chronology, by Margaret Conger, 1973, TUP

View of the Chohan on the T. S./ The Great Master’s letter, first published as An Important Letter in Lucifer, August 1896, Katinka Hesselink Net

What is God? – The View of a Master of the Wisdom, Mahatma Letter No. 10, by KH, The Theosophy Library

What is Matter and What is Force? by KH, Theosophist 1882, Theosophical Siftings Vol. 1, Canadian Theosophical Association [pdf file]

A Facsimile of a Letter from Master Koot Hoomi to Franz Hartmann. 1884.  Franz Hartmann received this letter at the Headquarters of Theosophical Society (Adyar, Madras, India) on March 22, 1884.

A Letter from Mahatma Koot Hoomi  to Gustav Gebhard.  1884.  This letter from the Master K.H. was received August 25, 1884 in the house of Gustav and Mary Gebhard of Elberfeld, Germany. This letter has never been published before.

A Short Letter from Mahatma Koot Hoomi to Mary Gebhard.  This short letter from Master K.H. was addressed to Mary Gebhard of Elberfeld, Germany. In the Letters from H.P. Blavatsky to A.P. Sinnett (London, 1925, No. 184), this epistle is described as “a letter received by Mrs. G. one day in her room about 4 to 5 weeks after” her husband Gustav Gebhard had received his letter from Master K.H.  This letter has never been published before [Katinka Hesselink did so -Ed.]

Master K.H. on Concentration and Union with the Higher Self.

Extracts from Letters of Master K.H.

A Note from Mahatma Morya to A.P. Sinnett



About The Mahatmas

A Casebook of Encounters with the Theosophical Mahatmas, compiled and edited by Daniel H Caldwell, (Draft Copy 2004), Blavatsky Study Center

Colonel Henry S Olcott’s Testimony about His Meetings with the Master Morya, Compiled and edited by Daniel H Caldwell, Blavatsky Study Center

Introduction to The Mahatma Letters to AP Sinnett, by AT Barker, 1923, Theosophical University Press Online

The Mahatmas and Their Letters, by Alvin Boyd Kuhn, Theosophy: A Modern Revival of Ancient Wisdom, Chapter VI, Blavatsky Study Center

The Mahatmas and Their Letters: Online and Printed Sources, compiled by Daniel H Caldwell, Blavatsky Study Center

A Scientific Spiritual Philosophy, by Blair A Moffett, 1975, Sunrise, Theosophical University Press Online

The Writing of The Mahatma Letters, by A Trevor Barker, 1938, The English Theosophical Forum, Theosophical University Press Online

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