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H.P.B. was a remarkable lady. Not because of her personality (which was remarkable enough though), but because of the task she had to fulfill – which asked inconceivable self-sacrifice. Since the beginning of the awakening of the human mind, millions of years ago, humanity has been helped and stimulated to make progress in her evolution through all phases of mental and spiritual development. The call of the gods to take our noble Self-development in our own hands will continue until all humans have reached the stage of full humanity – that is to be selfconsciously at one with his innermost God or Self.

Great teachers, Ṛṣis, Avatāras, Prophets, Messiahs, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, Tīrthakaras, Zoroasters and Quetzalcoatls etc. have, from the symphony of the Universal Truth or Universal Religion, struck a keynote for the particular cycle of development of life on earth in which they were involved.

Mme. Blavatsky was a humble person, far from claiming any of such epithets. Nevertheless she was an exponent of the same “unknown Lodge” which has fulfilled this task since the beginning of time.

Thanks to her, her superiors and her ardent coworkers and followers, the impulse dropped by her into humanity’s mind-stream set the tone for times to come as the only genuine support for humanity in modern times which can compare with the grand religions which were initiated in the past and which came from the same source.

She did not claim to be a “guru” or even the president of an organization, nor did she bring any “revelation” or new religion to the world. She compared herself merely with a string holding together a bouquet of flowers. But the way she presented the ancient knowledge to the public in The Secret Doctrine and her other writings has initiated a revolution in humankind’s mind, by handing out to those who want to receive them the keys to Truths long hidden.

The Voice of the Silence is another wise and until then unknown text, which she did not write herself, but consists of verses which she chose to translate from Telugu, the language of Andhra Pradesh in South-East India. It is of Buddhist or pre-Buddhist origin, what in itself is remarkable, because traditional Buddhism has long ago vanished from Indian soil.

Every human being has the inherent right and power to reach the spiritual heights to which the Path can lead, and make the choice to become one of the helpers of humankind throughout the ages to come.

– Jaipur, June 2007