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‘Satyan nāsti paro dharma’


Theosophy is the majestic wisdom-religion of the archaic ages and is as old as thinking man. It was delivered to the first … thinking human beings on this earth, by highly intelligent spiritual entities from superior spheres. This ancient doctrine, this esoteric system, has been passed down from guardians to guardians to guardians through innumerable generations until our own time. Furthermore, portions of this original and majestic system have been given out at various periods of time to various races in various parts of the world by those guardians when humanity stood in need of such extension and elaboration of spiritual and intellectual thought.

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Editorial 26:

Consciousness Mind and Brain

Dear reader,

Earlier (2014-15) we published a series of articles under this title. These earlier articles have now been replaced by an updated and , as we hope, enhanced version. The series of articles have, after editing and text additions in the mean time also been published in book form, and is published in India at Prakrit Bharati Academy[1] The main topic is whether consciousness existed before and exists outside physical matter in the universe and during states of excarnation, or that it is a product of the physical and chemical complexity of the brain; or how consciousness works on matter in such a way that proper vehicles are formed for the expressions of itself.


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Spiritual Story:

Adi and Praja

An Occult Fantasy Containing Truths

Written for all ages,
But most understandable for young people
A serial published weekly


The real meaning of Ecology, another very important branch of biology, is closely linked with evolution. Ecology studies how living beings interact and experience each other, and how they make use of each other’s qualities and energies. How they send out energies and feelings and thoughts, and how they transfer them to others.


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