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‘Satyan nāsti paro dharma’


Theosophy is the majestic wisdom-religion of the archaic ages and is as old as thinking man. It was delivered to the first … thinking human beings on this earth, by highly intelligent spiritual entities from superior spheres. This ancient doctrine, this esoteric system, has been passed down from guardians to guardians to guardians through innumerable generations until our own time. Furthermore, portions of this original and majestic system have been given out at various periods of time to various races in various parts of the world by those guardians when humanity stood in need of such extension and elaboration of spiritual and intellectual thought.

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Editorial 27:


Glossary with The Secret Mountain

Recently we presented on this website the mystical stories of The Secret Mountain and Other Tales by Kenneth Morris, which have a deep theosophical basis. They are not only enjoyable to read, but have a very deep content due to the author’s meditations on the deeper, even esoteric, meaning of mythological literature from the Celts, the Chinese, Persia, India and others. All his works are based on ancient myths from the hoary past and from East to West, from China through Asia and Europe to the Pre-colombian Americas.

The Secret Mountain and other Tales is a collection taken from various cultures. It is the habit of Kenneth Morris to rather let you intuitively ponder the meaning of things, then to fix you on facts – that may attract your attention to the mind-side of the myths rather than to the heart-side of them. Nevertheless the editors of Daily Theosophy thought it useful to look up a number of localities, names and historical contexts of the stories, for those who wish to study these stories in their wider contexts. In our days much more is available to the public of these various cultures than in the days when Kenneth Morris wrote in the early part of the twentieth century. Thus we composed this small Glossary.

Because the online publication of The Secret Mountain is a scan from the original printed book, it was not possible to make links directly from the text to the Glossary. We also published a translation of each of the stories in Dutch as De Geheime Berg en andere vertellingen – in which we could make links from the terms in the text directly to the Dutch translation of the Glossary terms.

Never forget that Kenneth Morris’ writings are, though written in the typical style of his time, indeed perennial and universal in their contents, and their value might well be enjoyed by people living in centuries in the future:

Glossary to The Secret Mountain and Other Tales


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Spiritual Story:

Adi and Praja

An Occult Fantasy Containing Truths

Written for all ages,
But most understandable for young people
A serial published weekly


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(Inside stones)

Then he proceeded to other places and moved into the mountains again, away from the buzz of civilization. He thought about what the philosophers of his books called ‘deliverance’, ‘nirvana,’ ‘moksha,’ eternal immortal freedom and happiness. His whole life he had been yearning for happiness and freedom – that is why he had studied and traveled so much – it gave him the feeling of unlimited freedom and experience, and he encountered happiness after happiness.



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